Dr Arjun Reddy is Aggressive and Angry Young Man in Arjun Reddy Movie Trailer with Release Date and Star Cast


Dr Arjun Reddy Deshmuk Aggressive and Angry Young Man in Arjun Reddy Movie Trailer with Release Date and Star Cast

Vijay Devarakonda upcoming movie Arjun Reddy movie is all set to release and makers of the movie released the new poster of Arjun Reddy Movie with a release date. After the release of Arjun Reddy movie trailer it grabbed lot of attention of youth and all audience and received lot of appreciation for his tremendous acting performance with his anger management who doesn’t have any control on his anger and yet he is the topper of college and sports and all in his career and also have few rigorous and quarrel scenes and aggressive bits and its totally character driven story with a convincing title in Arjun Reddy Movie.

Vijaye Devarakonda is playing in and as role as Arjun Reddy as the story spins around him about his anger and his success and his habit of topping university and college and also involves a love story. Vijay devarakonda as the main lead as the title of the movie is set on his character name and female lead which is played by debutant actor Shalini Pandey will be playing a role of Preeti in Arjun reddy movie also plays a role of House Surgeon.

Arjun Reddy shouting on call abuses on call.
Arjun Reddy shouting on call abuses on call.

Vijay Devarakonda know for his great work with his stunning acting performance in his previous movies like Life is beautiful, Yevade Subramanyam and pelli chupulu now comes with his upcoming movie to entertain with his acting performance in a different role as a Doctor who has anger at his peaks who doesn’t have control on his anger being a doctor and yet to know what he does in Arjun Reddy movie with his anger and what makes him to take down his anger in Arjun Reddy movie being a doctor is yet to be seen driving excitement in all minds for his movie release with new unique content his anger and everyone liked the trailer of Arjun Reddy whether it may be youth which got attracted for his trailer as it a college story or not it gained lot of attention after the release of Arjun Reddy trailer.

Dr.Arjun Reddy Anger In Arjun Reddy Movie:

Every one has Anger but Arjun Reddy has a different kind of anger and his aggressiveness in this movie who straight away goes and kick sum butts in his college or it may be a game while playing a soccer game goes into audience and starts beating him in the crowd of audience. Whether he is in at a situation of anger in a mobile call he shows his anger at peaks on call by abusive language with a high intensity and anger in him and beats up in collage if does anything wrong or spoken to him and the background core music which composed by Radhan perfectly suits the situation of anger and will surely give you Goosebumps for his music in trailer .

Arjun Reddy is the topper of College, University and Board

Professor says arjun anger management zero
Professor says arjun anger management zero

Arjun Reddy Movie Professor tells everyone in a classroom for new students saying you should know about this person giving an intro about Dr.Arjun Reddy one of our House Surgeon and he is the topper of the college and topper of the university topper of the board and professor says I can say that he is one of the student who passed out of the st.mary’s with an impeccable academic record in a background voice of professor giving intro and while the intro of Arjun reddy goes on Arjun reddy is seen smoking with a catchy beard look impresses everyone for the first look with his beard and a cigarette look with smoke on camera in his own attitude which he carries away in Arjun Reddy movie he is also seen drinking and making hukka and inhaling hukka like an addictive person and what makes him addictive to all these as he is a house surgeon is very excited to see and a must wait and watch movie .

Professor Says His Anger Management is Zero:

Professor says arjun anger management zero
Professor says arjun anger management zero

Professor also says that he is zero at his anger management and then starts the voice of Arjun Reddy in a conversation on a Mobile and staright away abuses to the other person on call in a abusive lingo which makers are trying to give a glimpse of Arjun reddy anger management thing which is perfectly carried away by Vijay Devarakonda in Arjun ready and his attitude in Arjun Reddy movie is tremendous and likely to be watched in this movie. He is playing completely different role in this movie with a different attitude he was never seen and everyone is liking his attitude in arjun reddy movie and receiving over whelming response for Arjun Reddy trailer and after the release of Arjun reddy trailer makers announced the release date and the wait is over and to see arjun reddy anger and his aggressive nature and his love story in big cinemas and the story how he changes his anger or not what makes him change and how he changes is all set to seen in big cinemas after the arjun reddy movie release on big screens.

Arjun Reddy Movie Star Cast:

Arjun Reddy movie have an interesting star cast and Vijay Devarakonda playing a role of Dr.Arjun Reddy the title character and shalini playing a role of Preeit both as house surgeon also stars Kanchana, Sanjay Swaroop, Kamal Kamaraju, Gopinath Bhat, Jia Sharma, Amit Sharma, Priyadarshini and Aditi Myakal playing a vital role in Arjun Reddy Movie.

Arjun Reddy Release Date:

After the release of super aggressive and angry trailer of Arjun Reddy movie everyone will be waiting for the realase date of Arjun Reddy and release date of Arjun Reddy movie is out and its hitting the big screens and arjun reddy movie is scheduled to release on August 25th 2017 under the production company of Bhadrakali Pictures which is directed and written by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and produced by Pranay Reddy Vanga.

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