Noor: Sonakshi Makes Sizzling and Energetic Moves in Gulabi 2.0 Song


Noor:Sonakshi Makes Sizzling and Energetic Moves in Gulabi song

Makers of the movie launched Gulabi 2.0 to top the charts and its happening as they expected topping all the charts. Producer Bushan kumar and Vikram Malhotra launched the latest track on Wednesday.

Noor: Seedi to Teedi Savitri and Dances to Gulabi:

Sonakshi Sinha playing a role of a Noor suddenly gets irritated with her life style and she decided to make her lifestyle change saying “Ab mai seedi Savitri se Teedi Saviti” and she makes her dance steps with Gulabi.

Sonakshi in Gulabi 2.0 was seen making her moves and enjoying the song with the beats of EDM and mostly she was seen enjoying the change of her character in the movie from seedi savitri to teedi savitri. In song she was seen in a red dress making moves for the EDM beats and her energy in the dance steps was much likely seen again and again.

Gulabi 2.0 is a recreated version of the highly praised hit by Composer R.D.Burman and it was sung by the legendary singer Mohammed Rafi. Gulabi 2.0 gets a modern touch of music with fast beats and gets a touch of EDM (Electro Dance Music) as the original song which is know for the famous retro music loved by all audiences in the voice of Mohammed Rafi singing style.

Watch her moves in Noor : Gulabi Song:

The groovy and peppy track in Gulabi 2.0 which is composed by music director Amaan mallik and the voice which made song more beautiful and set the music was sung by Tulsi Kumar and Yash Navekar lyrics are given by Kumar and choreography by Adi shaikh.

Noor : Uff Ye Noor

Uff ye Noor : After the release of Noor trailer everyone saying uff ye noor and it received a lot of appreciation and great compliments for sonakshi sinha playing a role of Noor and he song uff ye Noor was very much liked by all the audiences and received a positive and warm welcome.

Sonakshi sinha as Noor playing a role of a Journalist with big dreams and makes no differences with the normal person all and wants to make a difference.

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