SRK Grabs Mike and Sings in Safar Song In Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Song


SRK Grabs Mike in Safar Song In Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Song:

Upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan Jab Harry Met Sejal after two beautiful tracks from this movie “Radha song” which is a Punjabi song also explains why Punjabi people sing louder at the start in Radha song and the other “Beech Beech Main” winning and crossing hearts of everyone in beech beech mein and topping the charts now it’s time for the third track call titled as Safar Song and the perception of presenting this promotional Safar video song was cool where journey of Harry which is played by Shah Rukh Khan starts and in this safar he meets Sejal played by Anushka Sharma in Jab Harry Met Sejal and Safar song is like a Rhyme.

After the new promotion style of releasing Jab harry met sejal mini trailers(Watch 5th Mini Trailers Here) now its time for another unique way of promoting Safar song. Imtiaz ali came up with good promotional stuff this time and winning the hearts with the Safar of Jab Harry met Sejal.

Safar song is Soft and its oust, Safar song is too touchy and meets the story line of jab Harry met Sejal and makers have released this song video recently featuring shah rukh khan trying to sing safar song and seen singing on a mike for only video point actually this song was sung by Arijit Singh and music by Pritam and lyrics by Irshad kamli.

Srk imtiaz pritam irshad in Safar song in jab harry met sejal
Srk imtiaz pritam irshad in Safar song in jab harry met sejal

SRK in Safar Song from Jab Harry Met Sejal: Imitiaz Ali Movie:

Shah Rukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali, Pritam, Irshad Kamli are seen together to make a song and its magic when these all are seen in a safar song video and this could be the best way of promoting video till now and Imtiaz ali is seen in front of Screen in Safar song.

Shah Rukh khan with beard and goggles and the intensity of singing song in front of mike was just amazing to see him in Safar song. Pritam behind and coming in between and disturbing and playing the part of his music and background parts and srk seen in a different mode in safar song where he is excited and keen to sing safar song. Imtiaz ali shooting in his mobile phone while srk performing his singing skills in front of mike. Everyone is playing unexpected roles in Safar song and its striking the audience heart with catchy lyrics and performances by actors and its good to see Imtiaz ali entertaining in front of screens.

When shah Rukh comes to sing in front of mike in Safar song everyone assumes SRK will song but it is sung by Arijit Singh which gives you Goosebumps.

Srk as at his best just stealing the show in his presence in Safar video song by his looks and his typical attitude and making everyone addicted for this safar song.

SRK playing a role of a guide and his journey in his life meeting a girl named Sejal and searching for a ring in entire movie and learning how much importance a ring has, learns about lot relationships. From Safar song SRK journey starts and he meets sejal.

Main raha…Safar ka hi tha main safar ka raha

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