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Sushant Singh Rajput Kedarnath Movie Sara Ali Khan:

Upcoming movie of sushant singh rajput which is titled as kedarnath with a tag line love is a pilgrimage and kedarnath movie is sara ali khan debut movie and first look of kedarnath movie is gives lot of Goosebumps to everyone as the both stars of Sushant Singh Rajput in which Sushant singh rajput carrying sara ali khan in kedarnath movie and the locations of kedarnath movie are too good with backdrop looks and sets of kedarnath are must watchable. Sushant sing rajput and Sara ali khan are pairing for the first time on screen debut movie of sara ali khan and they look too much comfortable each other on sets and their chemistry together on screen and both of them look superb tremendously together on screen in kedarnath movie playing lead role and sara ali khan debut movie kedarnath with the backdrop of utarkhand floods in 2013.

Sara ali khan in kedarnath movie pictures

Sushant singh Rajput in Kedarnath movie:

Sushant singh rajput as pithu in kedarnath movie

Sushant singh rajput kedarnath movie will be seen in a completely different look with a different love story line as well in kedarnath movie and with this movie everyone will be experiencing love like never before and its not a routine love story in kedarnath movie it’s an extraordinary tale of love never seen before and story looking quite impressive tease and everyone is loving It and temples flooding wit water with beautiful vfx effects looks completely perfect in kedarnath movie and under water scenes are perfectly taken in this movie its looking fabulous in trailer and expected more in kedarnath movie .

sushant and sara ali khan movie kedarnath movie floods pictures

Sushant singh rajput playing a role of Pithu which means the person who carries children and old ladies on their back and teaser focuses more on sara ali khan and sushant singh rajput and floods as first look of teaser starts with beautiful VFX of floodwater and shiva statues in kedarnath movie.

Sara Ali Khan in Kedarnath Movie with Sushant Singh Rajput:

Sara ali khan and sushant lip lock in kedarnath movie

Sara ali khan in kedarnath movie dressed quite bright seen in trailer and sushant and sara ali khan looks tremendous and their chemistry in a must watch as this is sara ali khan debut movie doesn’t seems to be her debut movie with her performance and grace with her intense action performance with a tremendous love story in kedarnath movie with a lip lock with sushant singh rajput in kedarnath movie and Sara ali khan is just looking awesome with her gorgeous beauty took every thing with her beauty in kedarnath movie looks.

Sara ali khan in kedarnath movie

The water floating with floods in kedarnath trailer gives you complete brief strory line of kedarnath movie at the initial look of teaser only and sushant singh and sara ali khan in this film looks tremendous in this trailer. Sara ali khan looks pretty good in this movie trailer and expectations are too high with Sara ali khan as its her debut movie

kedarnath movie under water scenes

Sushant Sing Kedarnath Movie Release Date:

Kedarnath movie is all set to release on 7th of December to hit big cinemas box office collections are expected to be crossing 100 cr mark and over.

Kedarnath Star cast:

Kedarnath star cast starring Sushant singh rajput and Sara ali khan as her debut movie along side playing the lead roles are:

1. Sushant Singh Rajput

2. Sara Ali Khan

3. Nitish Bharadwaj

4. Alka Amin

5. Sonali Sachdev

6. Pooja Gor

7. Nishant Dahiya

As other star cast of kedernath movie playing vital roles in this film.


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