Samantha in Uturn Movie Steals the Show in Uturn Movie and Aadhi Pinisetty


Samantha in Uturn Movie Steals the Show in Uturn Movie and Aadhi Pinisetty:

September 13 th Release date of Uturn movie and Samantha in Uturn Movie just steal the show and grabber lot of attention with her tremendous performace with her new look and her performance in utun movie thriller movie looking extremely greatful and crossed one million views for Uturn and its still going on and for the second time in a row samanthe all set to impress audience in a reporter role.

Samantha in Uturn Movie:

Samantha with her new look impresses audience in a reporter role played by her in this film with short hair and with a YMC tatooo looks amazing in a bit seen in uturn movie trailer and the tattoo is seen clearly in a bit where Samantha will be drying her hair sounds scary a bit and Samantha in this movie uturn this time will be honest bilingual movie and exploring this space and pushing the boundaries wit this movie and expecting a lot from this uturn film and acting and performance of Samantha is so different in this movie and its interesting its all done in a perfect way and everyone is madly waiting for this movie to hit screens on September 13 th 2018.

Trailer of Uturn movie starts with Samantha seen in a different trance kind of situation deeply hurt and seen something unexpected and her eyes are seen with lot of pain in the trailer with her stunning looks grabbed lot of attention with her serious looks in urturn movie trailer and Samantha is seen mostly in almost part with a red dress and investigations are going on with Aadhi pinisetty who plays a role of cop in urtun movie.

Aadhi Pinisetty in Utrun Movie:

Aadhi pinisetty in uturn movie as a cop
Aadhi pinisetty in uturn movie as a cop

Aadhi pinisetty comes again with a different role with urtun movie and this time as a cop who investigates and tries to find the truth in interrogation with Samantha in Uturn movie which revolves around these both and her story telling process. Aadhi pinisetty is seen in a serious look and perfectly set for the role of cop in Uturn film with a gripping trailer with one mystery with a enthralling ambiguities in uturn movie thriller a crime rigid thriller.

Bhoomika In Uturn Movie:

bhoomika in uturn movie
bhoomika in uturn movie

Bhoomika is seen in just a one bit in uturn movie with a serious look and she looks amazing in trailer of uturn movie.

Story of U turn Movie:

U turn movie which is a remake of other language movie and this time comes to the audience of tamil and telugu at a time looks very shows potential after watching the character roles coming up with their incredible concert tells you all in this uturn film and Samantha as a journalist and aadhi pinisetty as a cop which is something new and surprise with intriguing with their excellent performances with too many shades.

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