Spyder Movie Review: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya and AR Murugadoss Direction

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Spyder Movie Review: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya and AR Murugadoss Direction

Mahesh babu and Murugadoss combination latest ardent and much awaiting Spyder movie which released on 27th of September worldwide and receiving lot of positive response and breaking records and audience appreciating Mahesh Babu playing a role of SPY in this movie and Rakul Preet Singh playing the lead role in Spyder movie and SJ.Surya in a negative role as antagonist and since from the title announcement of the movie to till the release date all the expectation and curiosity of this movie is increased very massively and as this is a fiction movie with the release of transformation of a Spyder from a cube which released in first trailer of spyder movie grabbed lot of attention of audience and fans which took social media by storm and made huge talks in social media praising the teaser of Mahesh babu Spyder movie and the with looks of the teaser and trailers was not less than the Hollywood movie scenes and taking of spyder movie and the action episodes are similar and close enough which was taken beautifully in Spyder movie that can be seen in trailer very clearly and this is the first time Mahesh babu and AR Murugadoss collaborating together in a project adding more attraction and gaining curious in audience towards the movie and more curiosity for this movie with a positive feeling its time for spyder movie review.

With all these positive buzz went through and with the curiosity and the hype of Spyder movie it finally released in big cinemas and after the release of Spyder movie straight away broke overseas records. Before the release of Spyder movie there was a record broken by Mahesh Babu spyder movie with the opening screens and opening bookings collections in overseas and stood as the first movie to collect 6 cr appr on opening day collections in America and with the massive opening in Andhra and Tamilnadu making the debut of Mahesh Babu in tamil industry welcomed Mahesh babu with massive and overwhelming positive response and audio launch took place in Chennai.

mahesh babu built software Spyder

Spyder Movie Review Mahesh Babu Rakul Preet, SJ surya and Ar Muragadoss Movie:

Story and Spyder Movie Review:

It’s a story of a police and a criminal and criminal escaping with his intelligence and brilliance giving tweaks and it’s a routine story which is an action thriller, the story of the theme is already seen in many movies but with the direction of AR Murugadoss does it at his best in his own way and surprises which was done tremendously not making you realize what’s happening it sticks to the story each and every moment by attaching twists between hero and villan in spyder movie made more interesting and adding weight to the story of Spyder movie by thrilling audience with each and every scene till the end wrapping the story in interesting way by thrilling audience which is mind-blowing and wow factor scenes by muruguadoss direction was taken and with lot of Goosebumps scenes mainly the scene between Mahesh and SJ Surya with their mind games is incredible to watch in Spyder movie and the action scenes and fight between SJ Surya and Mahesh Babu are excellent and fight scenes are taken very well which is awesome to see in Spyder movie and makes audience to stick to the seats with mind games between hero and villan and fight scenes and overall with a message AR.Murugadoss on an overall he thrilled audience yet again with Spyder Movie.

Coming to the first half of the movie first 15 minutes will be the introductory part of Mahesh babu and his Spy things which is very amazing with thrills involved will make curious whats happeing next in spyder movie and the stunts and his robotic spyder and his software creation which tracks the people conversation which is used for the good cause helping people who are in trouble and Rakul Preet Singh entry then romantic track is normal with few overwhelming scenes and gorgeous Rakul Preet yet again with her beauty with her terrific performance steals hearts easily and this time Rakul plays a Medical student character and as of the pre-interval it goes on smooth with smooth fun and Mahesh stunts with his tremendous performance is good to watch in Spyder movie and as the time goes on comes SJ Surya with shocking plans to kill people with virus and a big rock which will be crushing people and killing people and story starts from there and story gets interesting to watch from there and the interval bang is just mind blowing.

Sj surya in spyder movie

Second Half with the lot of thrills and surprises will stick to your seats with AR Murugadoss direction which is wonderful to watch. Mahesh babu is just perfect for this Spy character for this spyder movie and the mind games which happens was done beautifully by the both actors and everyone gets thrilled by the performance of Mahesh babu and SJ Surya and Mahesh babu team and rakul preet singh will not leave you in behind with her acting and with her beauty and lip sync of Rakul preet singh is just perfect for this movie.

Mahesh Babu in SPYder Movie:

Shiva played by Mahesh Babu who works for the intelligence bureau and he is a spy and deals with crime in society injustice and punishes who tends and attempts for crime and punishes them and he does this with the technology to reach the spot of crime and he builds a new software which cracks the people conversation which helps him uses the precise location and place and help them and stop the crime scenes and help people and he will be doing this safely as a routine that’s his only motto as a spy.

As doing well at his job at bureau he does this which is illegal and doing it for good sake and his only motto is to help people and everyone in a good manner which is appreciated whole heartedly by his friends at IB despite its illegal.

mahesh and rakul in spyder movie song

One fine day he meets Rakul Preet singh the lead actress of Spyder movie plays a role of a medical student and falls in love with Mahesh Bbau and suddenly at once there will be plenty of shocking situation and took by storm and blasts everywhere and people are dying with the deadly virus which is infected everywhere and the responsible person who does this is SJ SURYA playing a antagonist in Spyder movie and Mahesh as Shiva comes to know who is responsible for this blasts and virus tries to catch him and put him behind bars and as Surya with his intelligence what traps shiva methods to track down & cactch Bhairavudu (SJ Surya) escapes every time traps of Shiva(Mahesh babu) and what does shiva do to catch Bhairavudu and how shiva escape and how he finally got caught by mahesh in SPyder movie is all very much interesting to see on big screens with mind games involved.

Rakul Preet Singh in Spyder Movie:

In Between all this mess and mind games happening around with Mahesh babu and SJ surya and the blasts happening all around and people dying with infection what role did Rakul preet singh plays and where did rakul preet sing plays her role in Spyder movie and how Rakul is involved and plays a key role and adding more attraction and making spyder movie more interesting and why SJ Surya is killing people what is his main motto and reason for killing innocent people with a falsh balck involved and the story goes on with the flow and beautifully shown by AR Murugadoss keeping audience stick to the story not misleading audience is very interesting and exciting as the movie goes on.

mahesh and rakul in spyder movie song ciciliya

Overall at the end of the movie a good motto with routine by taken differently a cop and a criminal chase is very good to watch and Rakul Preet Singh acting was interesting to watch to move story smooth and fun and love elements was not kept aside besides the mind games between Sj Suyra and Mahesh Babu and it’s a good movie to watch with lot of twists and mind games and with the lend of Santhosh Sivan with glossy visuals and Harris Jayraj music and songs are pretty much speed breakers which holds story for a bit ads lengths to the film but that’s necessary for a movie to make interesting .


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