Sreeleela in Dhamaka Movie with Ravi Teja


  • Sreeleela Played a role of Pranavi reddy in dhamaka movie and her dance movies and her beauty and her presence in dhamaka movie is worth watching in dhamaka movie.
  • Sreeleela Dance moves are pretty much worthy watching and her mass moves grabbed lot of attention in dhamaka movie.

Dhamaka is blockbuster movie starring Ravi Teja and Sreeleela and sreeleela appeared in other many telugu movies but did not bring success to her and this time with dhamaka movie appearing next to Ravi Teja with her gorgeous beauty and her looks and with her stunning performance she stole everyone hearts and remained in every one heart which brought her first success and dhamaka movie became sreeleela first recognition movie.

Sreeleela in Dhamaka Movie with Ravi Teja

Sreeleela in Dhamaka Movie

Sreeleela played a role of Pranavi Reddy daughter of Ramesh reddy played by Rao Ramesh in dhamaka movie and her father brings marriage proposal to sreeleela with Ravi Teja (business man) and she is in love with ravi teja (swamy) and gets confused by seeing similar ravi teja (not playing dual role) but ravi teja acts as a dual role.

Sreeleela Dance in Dhamaka Movie

Sreeleela with her stunning performance and with her graceful movies and her acting skills grabbed a lot of attention especially with her dance performance in dhamaka movie is likely not to be missed alongside with ravi teja in dhamaka movie songs.

Love story of Sreeleela and Ravi Teja in Dhamaka Movie

Sreeleela is a friend of Ravi teja Sister in Dhamaka movie and by coincidence phones of ravi teja sister and sreeleela gets exchanged and accidentally they get introduced to each other and raviteja after seeing sreeleela falls in love for the first time and from there on storiese goes on and their love story begins.

Sreeleela in Jinthaak Chithaka Song

Jinthaak Chithaka song which is a instant humming song from dhamaka movie with catchy lines and with sreeleela performance in dhamaka movie for Jinthaak Chithaka signature step stole everyone heart and sreeleela performance and her dance movies are pretty much not worthy missing and you dont take eyes of sreeleela in dhamaka movie songs especially in Jinthaak Chithaka song and other songs in dhamaka movie.

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