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OnePlus mobile or other android devices provides an option to enable high performance mode specially for game lovers and if you are game lover and want to play games and when you play game your game gets stuck or lag or hiccups when playing game on OnePlus mobile then you can enable high performance mode and make game smoother when playing on OnePlus mobile.

Enabling high performance on your one plus mobile will give you a better experience when playing games and you can play any game without lag or hiccups on OnePlus mobile.

After enabling high performance mode on OnePlus mobile it will consume more power and you need to charge your battery often as this takes more battery consumption.

Does Enabling High Performance on OnePlus Increase Game Performance

Yes! It does increase game performance on oneplus mobile but it will consume more battery and your oneplus device also gets heated quickly. 

Turn on High Performance Mode

Step 1: Open Settings on OnePlus mobile

Step 2: Tap on Battery

Step 3: Tap on More Settings

Step 4: Toggle button Next to High Performance mode and confirm in the pop up box and tap on ok and enable high performance mode.

Step 5: Once you enable high performance mode, you will see improvements when playing games on your oneplus mobile device.

That’s it, this is how you enable high performance mode on your one plus mobile.

What Happens when you turn on  High Performance on OnePlus Mobile

When you enable high performance on oneplus mobile then it will consume more battery as it will increase battery consumption and it may also cause your phone to heat up.

Disable High Performance Mode on OnePlus

Open settings -> Tap on Battery and Tap on More Settings -> Disable button next to high performance mode and disable it.

This post was last modified on January 27, 2024

Its Team

Published by
Its Team

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