JR NTR Devara First Single Song Fear Song


Jr Ntr upcoming movie Devara first single will be out on May 19 2024 and fans of Jr NTR are eagerly waiting for an update on this movie and as soon as makers made announcement on official twitter handle “Its ALL set for Mighty storm and Devara first single will be unleashed on May 19th and it will sweep through every cost as soon as first single of Devara song releases.

First Single Devara Movie titled as Fear Song

Makers of Devara movie titled first single as fear song and movie poster has been released and it’s seen on poster and fear song is coming and hold your breath and listen to fear song from Devara movie.

Expectation from Devara First Single

We can expect Fear song from Devara movie to be strong and superb background music, with powerful and convincing lyrics, with strong emotions, fearless, courage, catchy music.

Stunning visuals from Devara Movie are expected after seeing first trailer of devara movie and expectation are bit high and fans cant wait to see JR Ntr in Devara movie and after a long time JR NTR will be seen after RRR movie and this time fans are going enjoy Devara first single for sure.

Music By Anirudh for Devara First Single Fear Song 

Devara movie music is composed by well known Aanirudh Ravichander one of the top music composer and he well known for his energetic and elegant music make you feel forget anything and when it comes to background music BGM Anirudh Ravichander tops it with his talent.

Background Music of Devara Fear Song – First Single

Devara Background music will be top notch and it will make you dance after listening and fans cant wait to hear Devara first single song which is titled as fear song.

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