2nd Song Naach Meri Jaan Tubelight Movie Song : Bhaihood Salman and Sohail Khan Together


2nd Song Naach Meri Jaan Tubelight Movie Song : Salman and Sohail Khan Together:

Second song Naach Meri Jaan of Tubelight will be out tomorrow makers of tubelight movie announced the second song will be out tomorrow that is june first and the brother hood of Salman khan and sohail khan is celebrating and the chemistry between Salman and sohail will be seen and audience and everyone cant wait for this song to be out and the excitement is overloeade all over again and again by the Bhaihood and Twitter is trending with #NaachMeriJaanTubelight Hashtag trending already.

You will sure move your feet and start dancing after the bhaihood song which is beautifully composed and the tremendously done by Salman khan and Sohail khan. Nach Meri jaan song shows you the love between them and the chemistry of sohail and salman khan grooving for Nach Meri Jaan song is awesome and with the best steps done by salman khan and sohail khan. Naach meri jaan song shows the bond and love saying each other brothers as Jin and Alladin to each other. and kintu parantu lines was just grabby attention of song and dance was extraordinary and with innocent look and innocent dance of Salman and sohail khan was just superb as seen in Tueblight trailer

After the release of Radio song Tuelight every one grooved to the radio song and salman khan was seen dancing with his hook step in radio song and its was awesome and tremendous dance performance by Salman khan and dacne steps in radio song was nicely choreographed by Remo and was done and salman khan doing those steps in his own style was very much seen and its addictive and it went on saying sun radioooo oh ohh.

Now its time for Naach Meri Jaan Tubelight Movie song: BhaiHood(Brotherhood)

Naach meri jaan is trending already and in naach meri jaan song from tubelight movie salman khan and Sohail khan will be doing steps together and a little making of the Naach Meri Jaan was released to boost the fans more for the excitement and salman khan doing simple steps for Naach Meri Jaan will give you Goosebumps for sure.

Naach Meri Jaan Sohail Khan and Salman Khan Dance together:

There are many scenes in this tubelight movie which will touch you heart sohail khan and salman khan will be performing. In Naach Meri Jaan sohail khan and Salman khan will be doing steps together and this song is picturized in village atmosphere where there will be a party going and a pic of Sohail khan and Salman khan came out before the release and after seeing the pic of Bhaihood in this song Naach Meri Jaan every one was excited for the song to be released tomorrow but the excitement reached double and a little impatient for fans as Naach Meri Jaan song includes beats and music which will take you without delay doing the hook steps of Naach Meri Jaan song and music is so pleasant and calm music which is very good to hear it’s a party song.

Salman Khan Again Delivers His Unforgettable Performance in Tubelight movie:

Salman khan has delivered unforgettable performance by his innocent looks and his tremendous acting performance and now its Tubelight turn to break all the records and every one is backing off for the release dates as salman khan coming this Eid to hit the big cinemas and this time Shah Rukh khan doing a cameo in tubelight is now making everyone go and schedule the release date backing off their release date to say yes we will back off the release date and everyone giving the Salman Khan a solo release on Eid till now and apart from that its Salman khan’s Bhaihood which will be a primary attracting part and excitement part in this movie as salman khan plays the innocent guy yet another to break the records of Bollywood.

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