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Dialogue Promo 4 Five and 6 Raabta Dialogue Promo’s : Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon:


Dialogue Promo 4 five and 6 Raabta Dialogue Promo’s : Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon:

Raabta dialogue promos 4, 5, 6 have been released by the makers of Raabta movie a film by Dinesh Vijan produced by Dinesh Vijan Homi and previously they released Raabta dialogue promo’s 1, 2 and 3 whih received a lot of positive response and as the released date June 9th is nearby everyone is excited and now makers of raabta movie released more Raabta dialogue promos 4 five and six.

The Raabta Couple pair Sushant and Kriti Sanon are give the impression of being fresh love with a new love story of ages which is past and present loves story. Songs of Raabta are very lovely and appreciated by all on twitter by the bollywood co-stars. Raabta couple acting was tremendous and uplifting action scenes present in the Raabta Movie as this movie is from different plot from the normal movies having sushant and Kriti Sanon in a two different looks they are never seen before.

Raabta Dialogue promo 4 i want to come close to you dheere dheere
Raabta Dialogue promo 4 i want to come close to you dheere dheere

Raabta Dialogue promo 4: Want to come close to you dheere dheere:

In Raabta Dialogue promo 4 sushant sing is seen coming slowly and closely to kriti sanon with flowers carrying on his hands and in a funny way and seen by kriti sanon while coming in a slow motion way coming towards kriti sanon asks what are you doing then sushant says I want to come closer to you baby slowly slowly and then kriti sanon shows the way to exit from her house. The act of Sushant singh was watchable and leaving kriti sanon in a fear state in the movie. Raabta Dialogue promo 4 was I want to close to you dheere dheere (slowly Slowly).

Raabta Dialogue promo 5: Aadmi hi Aadmi Se Pyar Karta Hai:

Raabta Dialgoue Promo 5 sushant is seen and sushant speaks very fast in this raabta dialogue promo 5 which is seen that sushant is angry on someone and in raabta dialogue promo 5 with his best friend in a car addressing the situation what happens if shiv is there and the scene seems to be very funny with his friend. The conversation between sushant and his friend is very funny and his friend even says this time you got the right girl and she is different from other girls and convo goes on and sushant says Aadmi hi Aadmi se pyar karta hai and this raabta dialogue promo 5 with his friend is very funny you laugh when you watch it in theatres on june 9th.

Raabta Dialogue promo 6: Sorry Yaar Good Looking Hone ke Liye:

Raabta Dialogue promo 6 sorry itna good looking hone ke lie
Raabta Dialogue promo 6 sorry itna good looking hone ke lie

This dialogue promo will make you laugh as sushant says ye hi chahiye tan a tujhe ye le badan hahaha and it’s a very funny and even kriti sanon laughs at him and says badan who say’s that. At the start of Raabta Dialogue promo 5 kriti sanon says bahut model type hai tu and sushant says thanks itna good looking ke lie and sushant says I know why are you with me and says the part of Badan which is the 6th Raabta Dialgoue Promo.

Raabta Dialogue promo 7: Jaana Zaroori hai Kya:

Raabta Dialogue promo 7 is the last dialogue promo till now and it says Jana Zaroori hai kya titled as the dialogue promo. Raabta dialogue promo 7 seems to be separation part and this seems be the sad and the good part shown in this raabta dialogue promo and dialogues of sushant are too good says he will not meet ek hafta (one week) and says the best part of separation and come the Ek vaari Ah song part separation.

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