This Diwali Salman Khan Tiger Zinda Hai First Look Katrina Kaif in TZH


This Diwali Salman Khan Tiger Zinda Hai First Look Katrina Kaif in TZH

Salman Khan Tiger Zinda hai first look the most awaited movie of the year and upcoming movie of Salman khan playing a spy role as Indian raw agent in Tiger Zinga Hai movie first look will be out this Diwali to delight fans of Salman khan and all audiences will be more inresting to see this time as this is the sequel to Ek tha Tiger movie which is the blockbuster movie and expectation and curiosity seeing Salman khan as a raw agent is tremendously done by Salman khan giving lot of surpises and twists in EK tha tiger movie and expected to be more in this sequel movie and salman khan tiger zinda hai movie will be out this diwali.

Tiger ZInda hai Movie first look This Diwali:

As soon as the makers have announced that the first look of Tiger Zinda Hai movie will be realsed this Diwali fans went crazy and the fan base of Salman khan starting trending tiger zinda hai first look with the hashtag on twitter #makewayforTZHfirstlook with one fanbase with the loyal supporting Salman khan for the first look of #TZH Tiger ZInda hai fisrt look and showing overwhelmed entry for tiger zinda hai first look as silence before big storm coz tiger zinda hai first look has got all the potential to strike back at box office collections this time with tiger zinda hai movie.

Katrina kaif in Tiger Zinda Hai Movie:

Georgiou’s Katrina kaif at the other end playing a role of a Pakistani raw agent who awestruck and overwhelming performance as a raw agent was just awesome and same to be seen in Tiger Zinda Hai movie and tiger zinda hai first look will be released this diwali adding expectation to reach to audience will be seen this Diwali with the first look of Tiger Zinda Hai movie and the fell in love with Indian raw agent in Ek tha tiger is very much joyful to see both in first part and emotions of raw agents falling in love an Indian raw agent and a Pakistani raw agent is interesting to watch on big screen with lot of emotions attached to each other and for their nation.

Salman khan and katrina kaif together on big screen appearing after a long time with the return of Tiger Zinda Hai is making everyone go crazy and excitement is high for fans with the return of tiger zinda hai which is a spy thriller and first look of tiger zinda hai is much awaiting.

Tiger Zinda Hai movie first look

Salman Khan as Avinash Singh Rathore aka Tiger

Katrina Kaif as Zoya

Girish Karnad as Shenoy Sir

Paresh Rawal

Sudeep as Zahir

Angad Bedi as Himanshu

Karan Aanand

Jameel Khan

Kumud Mishra as Mr. D’Souza

Nawab Shah

Najmeddin Al Hadad as Hakim

Erdal Beşikçioğlu as Arms dealer

Erand Hoxha as Taufiq

Arfeen Khan

Syed Shujat

Salman Khan tiger zinda hai movie is scheduled to release 22nd December 2017

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