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Fultoo Fun and Entertaining Mubarakan Movie Trailer 2 kapoor’s Anil kapoor and Arjun Kapoor


Fultoo Fun and Entertaining Mubarakan Movie Trailer 2 kapoor’s Anil kapoor and Arjun Kapoor

The most awaited and excited movie Mubarakan trailer is out now and bringing this time double the celebrations and tripling the confusion with the different angles in Mubarakan movie trailer winning hearts and grabbing all attention of audience in style with tremendous acting performance and Jodi of Anil and Arjun Kapoor the chaacha and bhatija Jodi playing the lead roles of Mubarakan movie and the lead actress played by beautiful and gorgeous Ileana D’Cruz and Athiya Shetty.

Arjun kapoor playing twin brothers roles in Mubarakan, arjun kapoor from London character which is named as karan and charan is from Chandigarh munda named charan as the names are close by like karana and charan likewise making his uncle confuse his real time chacha Anil kapoor in this movie which is played by Anil kapoor as Katar and he will be helping hands in their marriage as the film revolves around the bride search and seems the chemistry between these two Jodi is very likely to watch and the fun part they have in this movie is hugely appreciated by audience and everyone is excited for the movie.

Ileana in Mubarakan movie
Ileana in Mubarakan movie

Its fultoo Fun and Entertaining and lots of confusion in Mubarakan movie trailer:

Makers of this movie released the official look 21 May 2017 and as the look comes out excited and energy which is seen in between these kapoors in poster and first look of mubarakan movie. After the excitement of poster release makers of mubarkan movie released the trailer and its full of fun and entertaining which doesn’t make you see this trailer in a serious way. Its only fun and fun and entertainment in this mubarakan movie trailer and it was expected by audience and these 2 kapoors did not make audience disappoint they reached level of expectation and entertainment level to the other level in mubarakan movie trailer.

Anil Kapoor as Katar and Arjun Kapoor as Twins in Mubarakan Movie:

Mubarakan movie Arjun Kapoor dual role
Mubarakan movie Arjun Kapoor dual role

As we all know Arjun kapoor is playing a twin brother role one will be innocent and other will be wild ones, mischievous and playful and it has seen exactly one role of Arjun kappor playing an innocent role who is from Chandigarh and the other from London and twist of being these two brothers as a twin cousin as a fate becoming brothers. The part of excitement and fun fraction comes up when their family hunt for the bride and in fact they previously have a girlfriend. Katar role kick off with very interesting role of anil kapoor and starts his entry in style in mubarakan movie trailer as expected he is good at his roles he played till now the character of katar will be one among the best character of a typical Punjabi guy in mubarakan movie with not a little but a huge power pack fun in this katar character played by Anil kapoor will absolutely hypnotize you with katar role and they are ready to to hit the big screens soon with lot of fun and entertainment carrying with them and Arjun kapoor with power pack dual twin brother role which is said to be as a fate of cousin twin brothers.

Ileana D’Cruz in Mubarakan Movie:

As its seen in the Mubaraka trailer Ileana is complete badmash in this movie the role of Ileana which his never played and a typical Punjabi girl besides which brings more excitement to watch Ileana playing as a sweety. Sweety character in Mubarakan movie is completely Muphat, straight forward says everything on face spontaneously straight away she is kind of person she is crazy, stubborn, impulsive with beauty.

Mubarakan Movie Release Date:

Movie is all scheduled to release with doubling the Entertainment and Tripling the confusion with different angles of confusion with the search of Bride fun starts and makes you laugh in big cinemas will be hitting the theatres on 28 th of July 2017.

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