Pari Movie Teaser and First Look Anushka Sharma Scares Everyone:


Pari Movie Teaser and First Look Anushka Sharma Scares Everyone:

Anushka Sharma starring Pari movie first is out and its scary and anushka sharma is all set to scare every one with her new look which is very frightening. Anushka Sharma on 9 th January 2018 tweeted on twitter and teased every one with her upcoming movie pari teaser release saying sweet dreams guys with #Hashtag #Holiwithpari. Anushka looks so deep and freaky teaser and with anushka expressions will give you a chill with pari movie first look teaser and makes everyone excited for pari movie it’s not a fairy tale.

Initially at the beginning of the shoot anushka Sharma released the first look of pari movie releasing the first look of anushka Sharma in Pari movie saying Shoot begins with pari look took storm to twitter and with holiwithpari repeats the same making lot of buzz in social media with horror and scary look of Anushka sharma.

Scary anushka look in Pari movie teaesr holi with pari
Scary anushka look in Pari movie teaser holi with pari

Anushka Sharma pari movie HoliwithPari:

Teaser released is of length 0:19 secs starts with the serious look of anushka with her cold freezy eyes and anushka hair moving with the wind slightly gives you certainy a scary feel as she wearing the scary horror makeup as soon as her face turns up with injured blood marks scares everyone completely at the end of the teaser and its freaking scary as her blood drops from one of the injured cut from her neck.

Anushka shetty Pari movie is slated to release for holi and trending on social media with hashtag #HoliwithPari. Look of Anushka Sharma in Pari movie is so freaky with her freezy eyes as anushka sarma is looking perfect for the role of this pari movie which is spooky and horror and this time anushka plays a different role which is very appreciable and its very challenging role for anushka Sharma and trailer of pari movie is intriguing .

Anushak Sharma Pari movie Star Cast:

Anushka Sharma will be playing the titular role in Pari movie as Pari and the other lead Pramabrata Chatterjee along with in pari movie.

Anushak Sharma Pari movie Release Date:

Pari movie release date is 2nd march 2018 for holi release.

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