Tubelight : Salman Khan, Sohail Khan,Zhu Zhu | Srk in Cameo


Tubelight : Salman Khan, Sohail Khan,Zhu Zhu | Srk in Cameo

Tubelight is an upcoming movie of Salman Khan and its trailer is ready to hit and the count down of Tubelight trailer with 3 days ahead. Countdown for Tubelight trailer is on May 4th 3 days to go and is all set to break few old records. Salman fans are very excited to see the first glimpse of trailer Tubelight.

Makers has released a new poster of the movie tubelight and now it’s not the salman khan alone in the new poster of Tubelight. It’s a little costar from the movie tubelight.

Salman Khan in tubelight with his first poster looks like he an innocent, not guilty and quiet saluting the solders with his innocent look and even salman has his shoes hang down around his shoulders.

Tubelight poster with Kiddie :

New little Kiddie costar from Tubelight:

Yes new poster released with a little child actor hugging salman khan in an emotional way head to head hug. The little kiddie costar actor name is Matin Rey Tangu. The background surrounding and environment was seen in a segment of solders making the journey rough terrain of Ladakh where breathing also doesn’t support a lot there in ladak temperature.

Sohail khan in Tubelight:

Sohail khan playing an important role in tubelight as this is not the first time Sohail khan brother of salman khan is sharing the screen. Sohail khan says its very easy to work and share screen with Salman khan as there will be no rehearse to do we both understand the situation and we do accordingly. The role of sohail khan is important but working with Salman khan makes it simple with no rehearses.

Shah Rukh Khan Cameo in Tubelight


Shah rukh khan also playing a cameo in Tubelight and it’s a festival for khan fans to see the both khans together in this movie after a so long time after om shanti om.

After a long time gap these two Khans, Salman khan and Shah Rukh Khan are sharing the same screen in one movie. But sohail khan not having any scenes with Shah rukh khan in this movie tubelight.

Salman Khans Tubelight Not to Release in Pakistan for Eid:

The one and the Most anticipated movie Tubelight might have to be in hold for the release in Pakistan. Its not yer confirmed, its said some of the local filmmakers and few organization are demanding to keep this movie on hold. There are two movies currently scheduled for the release on Eid. Yalghaar and Shor Sharaba are scheduled to release on Eid.

Chinese actor in Tubelight: Zhu Zhu:

We can see a Chinese actor in Tubelight playing with Salman khan. The story is based on the sino inidan war which took place in 1962 between India and China. The main reason of this war is doubtful unclear Himalayan region where as other political reasons also play a role.

Tubelight Release Date:

Tubelight is all scheduled to release this Eid and its trailer to be released on may 4th

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