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Expressions of Samantha in Rangamma Mangamma Song Rangasthalam Movie


Samantha in Rangamma Mangamma Song Rangasthalam Movie:

Third single lyrical song of rangasthalam movie which is picturized on Samantha as the main lead Samantha as always grabbed lot of attention with her stunning looks and her cute expressions and the lyrical video was too good lyrics written by Chandrabose and devi sri Prasad music director with his tremendous beats for this rangamma mangamma song is a soft song with mass looks of Samantha and mass lyrics receiving lot of positive response and rangamma mangamma will be a sure top chart buster for sure from rangasthalam film starring ram charan tej and Samanta as the main leads.

After receiving massive response for the 2 lyrical video songs from rangasthalam movie with yentha sakkagunnave song rc and Rangasthalam titular song with perfect mass look of ram charan in rangasthalam title song and with gorgeous looks and eye-catching looks of Samantha in yentha sakkagunnave song rc which broke all previous records and stood as the blockbuster songs of these actors and clearing all existing records of tollywood industry with massive and huge warm welcoming response from audiences.

Samantha in Rangamma mangamma song
Samantha in Rangamma mangamma song

Rangamma Mangamma Song Music and Singer:

Rangamma Mangamma Song music was composed by rockstar devi sri Prasad and this time he yet again managed not to miss any thing for this song rangamma mangamma to make it perfect with the feel and situational song with his excellent music provide by him added more attraction for this song.

Rangamma Mangamma Song Singer:

Samantha and Ram charan in Rangamma mangamma song stills
Samantha and Ram charan in Rangamma mangamma song stills

Rangamma Mangamma Song was sung by MM Manasi and her voice is perfect for this song and the lyrics are just superb with the voice of MM Manasi and with cute and naughty expressions Samantha just made song look more beautiful on screen in rangamma mangamm.

Rangamma Mangamma Song Lyrics:

Lyrics for Rangamma Mangamma song by Chandrabose with mass lyrics was just outstanding which makes everyone listen again and again for the perfect peppy beat and with Samantha on screen performing with her cute expressions with a peppy number and music beats of devi sri Prasad is just like a perfect combo for rangasthalam movie rangamma mangamma song.

Samantha in Rangamma Mangamma Song:

Samantha in Rangamma mangamma song still
Samantha in Rangamma mangamma song still

Samantha in Rangamma Mangamma Song is seen in a sari with cute and naughty expressions of Samantha with her soulful and heart touchy stills are just trendzy to watch her in Rangamma Mangamma Song lyrical video with expressions from ram charan in this movie has a ear problem in this movie and Samantha teasing him or quoting him with the lyrics that he didn’t care or not taking care of her in rangasthalam 3rd lyrical video song Rangamma Mangamma.

Rangamma Mangamma Song with Samantha expressions completely steals the show with a peppy track it is just fabulous to watch both of them in Rangamma Mangamma Song. Samantha plays a role of Rama lakshmi and Ram charan as chitti babu in Rangasthalam movie.

Ram Charan in Rangamma Mangamma Song:

Ram charan in rangamma mangamma song
Ram charan in rangamma mangamma song

Ram charan is looking good with his new beard look completely suits him for the role of rangasthalam as a village boy with a beard and goggles on him gives a complete mass look on him suits better than the any actor. Ram charan expressions in this song are never to be missed as he makes good expressions in this song looks adds more attraction for Rangamma Mangamma Song.

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