Promos of Big Boss Telugu Reality Show Hosted by Junior. NTR: Contestant Names to Be Confirmed


Promos of Big Boss Telugu Reality Show Hosted by Junior.NTR: Contestant Names to Be Confirmed

Bollywood biggest hit television show Big Boss which made a reality shows of 11 consequent series is now going to hit the Tollywood television screens with a surprise young tiger Jr.Ntr wil be hosting the show which will be aired on Star Maa Television soon. Makers are in search of Telugu Big Boss contestants.

There will be 14 participants participating in telugu big boss and show will be for 100 days they will be left alone and telugu big boss house will be occupied by 14 starts for 100 days leaving one as the winner with 30 cameras inside the big boss telugu house.

After hearing Telugu Big Boss news and the buzz in social media its coming to Tollywood television screens every one is excited who will be the contestants as big boss telugu chooses the selective celebrities as their contestants and will be provided a good opportunities in future for the runner up and winners and for all the participants of Big Boss. The Prize money for the Telugu big boss is not yet confirmed. The full form actor who is all ready to make buzz in television screens is adding more craze to telugu big boss and cant wait to watch Jr.Ntr in Television screen on Star Maa.

Jr.Ntr to Host Telugu Big Boss:

Makers of Bollywood Biggest Hit Television reality show Big Boss is all set to hit Tollywood television screens. Tollywood famous actor and Young tiger have been approached to host Telugu big boss and with a huge amount of ransom to be paid to Jr.Ntr sources say and Jr.Ntr Says it’s a quite challenging for him to host Telugu Big Boss Show.

Jr.Ntr who is working on his upcoming project #JaiLavaKusha, Jai lava Kusha first look has been released and the promo is yet to be released.

Jr.Ntr in Telugu Big Boss Two Promos released and NTR looks Stunning:

Jr.NTR who will be hosting telugu Big Boss is seen in promos of Telugu Big Boss in a new look with a new hair style and with a serious look with a gentle smile. Two Promos which are released by the makers will certainly make you excited for the reality show to hit Tollywood Television screens and watch JR.NTR Daily on Television sets.

Jr.NTR says hosting Tollywood Television reality show will be a good game changer for everyone.

JR.NTR in BigBoss Telugu Promo’s:

First promo of Jr.NTR Telugu Big Boss Promo:

Two weeks ago Makers have released a upcoming big boss telugu teaser which is coming soon teaser with a 36 sec video. Jr.NTR was seen with a ultra Stylish look which perfectly sets him in the coming soon promo as he just stands with his stylish suit wearing black and black suit with girls touching him comes the fire on his suit. Jr. Ntr is surprising his fans after the recent movies after temper and his look was appreciated all around social media in Nannaku prematho movie with a beard look which perfectly suits him best till now.

Apparently Makers of this movie will leave a clue in the first look and teaser in every big boss season held in bollywood and for each big boss there will be different theme which was hosted by Salman Khan in Bollywood.

Background music of Telugu big boss appearing Jr.Ntr in promo is very likely to watch it again and again and there is no clue of any theme which big boss in telugu are planning everything is yet to be confirmed.

Second Promo of Jr.Ntr Telugu Big Boss Promo 2:

Second promo which is released a week ago after the first upcoming coming soon teaser with a beautiful and addicted kind of a BGM (Background music of telugu big boss) every one is excited for the second promo and it did not disappoint the audience. This second promo if telugu big boss is excited as Jr.NTR will be introducing the cameras of Big Boss house. He was seen waking up in early morning and finds cameras all around in his house around his bed and he gets shocked ad surprise as he said to keep cameras in big boss house not in his house and shout to take them and keep in big boss house with this act of Jr.NTR in big boss telugu gives us more excitement as he will be seen every weekend on star maa with his act and will be adding more excitement for his fans to participate in big boss telugu show.

Telugu Big Boss show Participants

There will be 14 celebrities in telugu big boss show and Participants of telugu big boss show are not yet confirmed till now but there is buzz in social media that Posani Krishna Murali is showing interest in participating in Telugu Big Boss. There are few other names which will be revealed out soon by the makers of Big Boss Soon. Don’t go with rumors lets talk about them after the names are officially announced by Telugu Big Boss team.

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