20th April to 30th April Coronavirus Night Curfew Telangana : NO LOCKDOWN


Due to spike in rise of Telangana cases govt of Telangana has decided to impose night curfew starting from APRIL 20 to April 30 with immediate effect as the court have ordered Telangana government to take action on lockdown or imposing night curfew due to rise in covid 19 cases and the government has decided to implement night curfew.

Coronavirus Night Curfew Telangana Timings?

Night curfew starts from APRIL 20th to April 30 th and timings for night curfew from 9PM to Morning 5 AM. No one is allowed to come out during Night curfew  and if found case will be filed. Only in emergency they need to come out with valid reasons or else case will be filed and vehicles will be seized.

Does Coronavirus Night Curfew Telangana will be Extended?

As of now there is no official statement released by Telangana government after April 30th depending up on the rise of case of decrease of cases Telangana government will extend or shutdown night curfew in future and cut down coronavirus night curfew in Telangana. As per the government officials it is said that lockdown will not be imposed by Telangana government as there will be huge loss for government and for the people of Telangana.

What time Coronavirus Night Curfew Telangana will be imposed?

As per the GO passed by Telangana government night curfew timings will be from evening 8PM to Morning 5 AM from April 20 to April 30th.

Coronavirus Hyderabad Lockdown?

There is no lockdown implemented or it will be implanted in future only night curfew in Telangana and bars, pubs, offices, general store and other essential needs should be closed by 8PM as night curfew will start from 9PM and ends in Morning 5 AM.

What happens if you don’t follow Coronavirus Night Curfew Telangana?

If you are seen outside during the Coronavirus Night Curfew in Telangana you will be fined and charged a  case as said by DGP of Hyderabad. So to stop coronavirus spread its requested by DGP not to roam outside during the night curfew period in Telangana.

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