Malavath poorna: Youngest girl from Nizamabad dist, Telangana to climb Mount Everest Makes Records:


She created world record. Malavath poorna is a courageous Indian girl living in pakala village, sirikonda Mandal, Nizambad Telangana Dist, India. Youngest girl Malavath Poorna Makes record to climb mount Everest, she is the first youngest female to climb Mount Everest.

Poorna was accompanied by 16 yrs old Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar, student of class IX from khamman district Andhra Pradesh and completed the feat.

After her achievement and making the world record of the youngest girl to climb mount everest Prime Minister Narendra modi gave her congratulations for her world record in a video conference which is held for her and he praised Malavath Poorna for her achievement.

Who is Malavath Poorna:

Malavath poorna was born on 10th June 2000 and she is an Indian Mountaineer. She belongs to the tribal family, her parents Lakshmi and Devidas are farm labourers. Malavath poorna joined the Telangana social welfare Association for her education and her talent was spotted by the secretary of the society and she was shortlisted for the operation Everest along with dalit boy.

In preparation to the Mount Everest she trekked to mountain Ladakh and Darjeeling.

She is just 13 years 11 months old to make the highest record in the world in the field of mountering and become a proud girl. She is a very proud girl with high courage in her. She has become a mark of courage and an ideal girl for all the Indian women to go ahead and win in any field of interest.

Achievement of Malath Purna:

Both of the students (Malavath Purna and Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar) were selected as a best student after the competition held among approximately 150 students from field of adventure sports. From where, around 20 students were selected for the training at “prestigious mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling” however, only 9 students were sent to expedition for the “Indo-China border”. Finally, Malavath Purna and Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar got selected for the Everest mountaineering in the month April.

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