Geetu Royal – Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Elimination Today 9th Week


Geetu Royal gets Eliminated from bigg boss season 6 entertainment ki this 9th week and her bigg boss season 6 journey comes to an end.

This is surprising for every one as Geetu royal is one of the strong contenders and when game comes there is no relationship that matters to her.

With the tremendous on going show of Bigg Boss Season 6 telugu on this 9th week there are all housemates except captain Srihan are in elimination and this time the elimination seems to be a tough one as the bigg boss season 6 game has completed changed since last two weeks and all house mates Sri Satya, Vasanthi, Geetu, Inaya, Raj, Faima, Keerthy, Rohit and  Marina, Adhi reddy, revanth, are in nominations and one to be evicted today evening on 6th of November.

Bigg Boss season 6 geetu elimination

This week elimination today the 9th week of Season 6 Bigg Boss telugu Geetu royal will be evicted from Bigg Boss Season 6 telugu. This will be an interesting elimination this week as the housemates or anyone are expecting Geetu Royal Elimination in Bigg Boss Season 6 today.

Geetu Royal - Elimination Today 9th Week

Bigg Boss 6 9th week last two members will be Sri Satya and Geetu Royal and Geetu royal will get evicted this week.

Bigg Boss 6 telugu elimination today 9th week

Finally Geetu Royal Gets evicted from bigg boss season 6 and her bigg boss 6 telugu journey ends here with 9th week and she has to face the elimination and join the  reset of the elimination people. 

Bigg Boss 6 telugu elimination today 9th week

After seeing Geetu Royal Game in telugu bigg boss season 6, its pretty sure that everyone expected her to be in top 7 or top 5 as well as she is the only one contestant in bigg boss season 6 who plays straight forward ness and her witty humor and her behavir seems to be very promising and very funny and at times her pretty straight forwardness has landed her in trouble this week.

Where did Geetu Royal Game Went Wrong

From Last week, seems to be a cold war between Bal Aditya and Geetu royal and bal Aditya who is very patience in house and very well matured who has a good relationship sister and brother vibes between them seems to be going wrong and poking each other at time seems like burning fire between them since couple of weeks.

Baladitya on Smoking and Geetu Hides Cigarettes in Game 

Baladitya on Smoking and Geetu Hides Cigarettes in Game 

In one of the bigg boss season 6 task game in which geetu royal playing the squad leader at one end and opposite team – Adhi Reddy being squad leader the game went wrong and as said by Bigg Boss the game can be played with emotions also, Keeping this in mind gettu royal tried to play the game cleverly with emotions, she hide the smoke of Bal Adaity and he got triggered and Geetu knows the trigger points and words of every person in the house she triggered and played with her mind and emotions.

After Geetu Hiding smoke and Baladitya just outbroken and burst with anger said lot of words in anger which  was not supposed to say to any girl and gettu royal just felt heartbroken. 

Geetu Game with Adhi Reddy in Bigg Boss Season 6

Its is well know to everyone the  friendship bond between Adhi reddy and geetu Roayl and she showed her mind game and stole stripes of adhi reddy in a clever way and this is questionable and adhi reddy didn’t like that and this is not the way bigg boss wanted them to play and that is against the game task rules and in anger adhi reddy took off his shirt and threw it on ground and his mike was stuck in his t-shirt which is not intentional of throwing bigg boss mike and bigg boss got involved and cleared the issue and said adhi reddy is still in task and due to throwing mike is disrespecting and unacceptable bigg boss again killed adhi reddy from game.

The entire two issues made geetu royal game to change and it somehow got her to the elimination and rest of the things as well like cleaning bathroom which is the punishment from Nag sir last week under the captaincy of Srihan to look after but it was also seen as disrespectful and srihan seeing it just ignored and not showed any interest or asked geetu to fulfill the punishment.

On this weekend this issue of bathroom cleaning and her behavior the way gettu royal played the game is appreciated and at times it does  went wrong ways and conveyed in a different manner to audience.

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