Bigg Boss Season 7 – Priyanka Jain Enters Telugu Bigg Boss


On September 3rd 2023 bigg boss season 7 premiered with the Host King Nagarjuna and start maa stremaing the live telecast and Priyanka Jain becoms the first contestant to enter telugu bigg boss season 7 and as the host says this season Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7 will be ulta pulta and its for sure a ulta pulta season comes. with new unbelivable and unexpected twists in telugu bigg boss season 7 this time.

Priyanka Jain Enters Bigg Boss Season 7

Priyanka jain become the first contestant to enter bigg boss season 7 and as she is mischievous and funny has entered Telugu bigg boss house and there is a small twist comes with priyanka jain entry and bigg boss offered suitcase for her this time at the beginning of the show an there is lot more twist to come and did she take the suitcase or not and if she takes the suit case then whats inside the suitcase will be hers and this can be negative or positive as well.

Priyanka Jain when entered bigg boss house there is no furnitue and beds and few things are missing and that was the first twist for priyank jain with her entry and there are more lots of twists and turns which are going to happen with telugu bigg boss season 6 and there is lot more to come.

Lets see how far priyanka jain will stay in bigg boss telugu season 7 and how she survives and wishes here happy journey in telugu bigg boss seasons 7.

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