Film Actress Kiran Rathod Bigg Boss Season 7


As the 11th contestant of bigg boss season 7 Kiran Rathod enters telugu bigg boss season 7 and as she is a well know actress appeared in telugu, tamil and also appeared in hindi movie yaadein and this time she took entry to telugu bigg boss season 7.

Kiran Rathod Bigg Boss Season 7

For Every season bigg boss chooses few actress as bigg boss contestant and this time movie actress Kiran rathod who appeared in telugu, tamil, hindi enters bigg boss season 7 telugu.

With her sizzling and dashing dance performance she took entry to bigg bos season 7. When she took entry in bigg boss season 7 nagarjuna asks that she know telugu and she said a little bit and i wil mange then nagarjun suggests shiva balaji and learn telugu from him as he is a bit patient.

Journy of Kiran Rathod will be quite impressing this time and lets see how her journey goes furthur in bigg boss season 7.

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