Rathika Rose Eliminated From Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7


After 3rd Week Damini Elimination from bigg boss season 7 this time it’s time for Rathika Rose to be evicted from bigg boss season 7 telugu, it’s been a lot of rumors since Saturday after the first weekend promo of bigg boss season 7 was released.

King Nagarjuna Host of bigg boss season 7 telugu gives entry with belt in hand in front of house contestants and warns them for right and wrong and clarifies housemates what they did was wrong by showing video proof to housemate and their behavior with housemates in tasks was not acceptable like tasty teja went sideways by pulling gautham with belt in smiley task which was held by bigg boss and tasty teja pulling Dr. Gautham with belt wrapping on his neck and beating him was not acceptable by housemates and any bigg boss viewers, though it was not done intentionally but it happened during the task.

4th Week Elimination from Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7

This time Rathika rose eliminated from bigg boss as the rumors came to social media twitter saying after the weekend shoot it was Rathika rose to get evicted and came out of bigg boss season 7 telugu.

Rathika Rose Went Off Track in Bigg Boss Season 7?

To say Rathika rose getting into lime light with the friendliness or being nice to Pallavi Prashant from the beginning and as pallavi prashant chooses Rathika rose as her lucky girl in bigg boss season 7 on the first day of bigg boss season 7, there started the story of Rathika and Pallavi prashant and it went on and on and it reached out limits.

It is said in social media by bigg boss viewers that Rathika is playing game with pallavi Prashanth and she is back bitching pallavi prashant and playing very off line game there which is not at all required for Rathika to play there.

Rathika Can’t Digest Pallavi Prashanth Becoming 4th Confirmed Housemate of Bigg Boss

After Pallavi Prashant winning the task of power astra and becoming the 4th contestant after Bigg boss announcing the winner of 4th house and congratulating pallavi Prashant, then the expressions of Rathika Rose has to be observed and she is not at all happy that pallavi Prashanth becoming 4th housemate.

Shakeela On Rathika Rose

After Shakeela Eviction in an interview with bigg boss buzz, she said Rathika is like a snake and that is clear for every one that she is playing a deadly snake game and this is all over social media.

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