Shakila (Shakeela) Enters Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7


Everyone knows the name – Shakeela (shakila) as a former pornographic actress has entered Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7 and to give her send off and wish her a good luck in telugu bigg boss 7 season comes with her transgender family and they call us amma and they all went into tears in telugu bigg boss season 7 stage sharing their memories and its very inspiring.

Shakila or Shakeela Enters Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7

Shakeela is know for her former work in tamil, telugu, Malyalyam and she is not the same in real life and Bigg Boss is all about judging real character and shakeela first in the bigg boss show perfectly and thats why she is in Bigg Boss season 7.

Shakeela becomes the 7th contestant to enter Telugu bigg boss season 7 and lets wish her beautiful journey.

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