Tasty Teja in Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7


Tasty Teja who is a food blogger and a social media influencers who has millions of followers and a well know to all enters bigg boss season 7 as 9th contestant of bigg boss season 7.

Tasty Teja in Telugu Bigg Boss Season 7

Tasty teja gives his entry wearing a dress of food items printed on his suit, like biryani, burger, chicken, and all other items which is very interesting and tasty teja looks good on it as well – a side note.

Tasty Teja AV is quite impressive and his screen presence is amazing with his comedy and he is very talkitive with a bit of funny nature in him will take his journey in telugu bigg boss season 7 for sure further and its going to be very intresting to see his journy and bit of comedy and his cracking sense of humor is amzing and audience are going to love him in bigg boss season 7.

Task For Tasty Teja

With his entery as a 9th contestant in bigg boss season 7, Nagarjuna gives him a task and asks to select three people who are boring, fast, hot and he has to tell him when Nagarjuna asks.

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