1st Poster of Secret Superstar Aamir Khan Production Movie and Zaira Wasim In Search of her Freedom A Musical Drama


1st Poster of Secret Superstar Aamir Khan Production Movie and Zaira Wasim In Search of her Freedom A Musical Drama:

Upcoming movie Secret Superstar directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Kiran Rao. Zaira Wasim playing the main lead in secret superstar who played Geeta Phogat younger character role in Dangal movie tremendously with her acting in early stages will leave you thrilled and inspiring character in dangal and this time Zaira Wasim is appearing in Secret Superstar which is scheduled to release on Diwali 2017 and it is obvious that there are more hidden and secret stars in real world this story will be an inspirational movie for everyone.

After the release of Secret superstar first teaser earlier giving a introductory and main theme concept of Secret superstar story which tells about her wish to be singer and aspire to be a singer in her life and missing his father support for few reasons in secret superstar. Story of Secret superstar spins around a teenager Zaira Wasim as Insiya(Insu) in secret superstar saves her mother from her abusive father with the help of an alcoholic divorcee.

Recently Makers of this movie Aamir khan released first look of Zaira Wasim Starrer movie Secret superstar on twitter received a immense response as the poster looks to be simple and Elegant with Dream dekhna to Basic hai as she goes in search of her freedom and lot of appreciation on the first look and expectation are too huge with Aamir khan productions will never let expectation down and makes you more curious for the movie to hit cinemas and Secret superstar being a super women centric after Dangal.

As the poster reminds you of an epic movie of Aamir khan production movie itself and Taare Zameen par with a inspiration and beautiful message in Taare Zameen Par magic again. Secret superstar being in the same theme of taare zameen par is very exciting to see and Zaira Wasim as Insu in Secret superstar.

Zaira Wasim in secret superstar first look poster in a school dress bag on her back and walking on the road with a excellent and striking catchline “Dream Dekhna Toh Basic Hota hai” and as she walks there should be trees side by but in Secret superstar everything is covered with music notes as a substitute as this movie is all about a teenagers passion to become a great singer instead of fathers will she never gave up her will and uploads her muscal videos on youtube not displaying her name and not showing her face wearing a hijab and refusing to display her name and promo will be out on August 2nd 2017.

Aamir khan playing a crucial role in this movie is seen in teaser of Secret Superstar promo at the end of the trailer in his own attitude and in his own style with a punch dialogue Pasand aya to like karo nai to taste change karlo is excellent which gives us how beautiful and excellent Insu played by Zaira wasim sings in Secret superstar movie.

Secret Superstar Star Cast:

Secret Super star as Zaira Wasim playing a role of Insiya with her pet name Insu and Aamir khan playing a crucial role and her mother Meher Vij and father Raj Arun.

Secret Superstar Release Date:

Secret superstar is all scheduled to release this Diwali with full of crackers to hit big cinemas world wide.

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