1st Saturday Half Girlfriend Box office Collections Makes a honest Start and Decent Box office Weekend Collections


1st Saturday Half Girlfriend Box office Collections Makes a honest Start and Decent Box office Weekend Collections:

Dost se zyada aur girlfriend se kam. Half Girlfriend which is already making a lot of Buzz with the songs topping all the chart busters and now its Half Girlfriend Box office Collections, also it is a story of chetan bhagat famous writer novel which is already read by millions of people around the world and it’s a best novel which is also named Half Girlfriend.

As the hype is high for this movie starring two kapoors, Shraddha and Arjun Kapoor playing the lead roles the pair of these two actors looks talented and the chemistry of these two kapoors is very much appreciated and well received by audience from all around and as well as the couple were starring for the first time.

1st Satuday Half Girlfriend Box office Collections:

Half Girlfriend received a positive response from the audience and much appreciated and recived and set Half Girlfriend Box Office collection of 10.63 Crores on the Saturday and it managed to remain constant with the opening day collection. Even though there are many things happening and a tight completion like the releases and Baahubali 2 breaking all the records and apart from that IPL season going on which proves it’s a decent collection and how important this movie is as the novel story and the hype of the movie is too high coz its related to the Half Girlfriend novel which is already a famous and read by millions of People all around the world and received a steady Half Girlfriend Box office Collections.

If there are no big cinemas like Baahubali and the seasonal Ipl cricket going on this movie would be sure collected more than expected it has collected with the decent start. With the high competitions in the box office still it managed Half girlfriend box office collections to do 10.63 crores which is really good.

1st Day Collections of Half Girlfriend Box office Collections:

The first Day Half Girlfriend Box office Collections are too decent it crosse 10.27 on the opening day and remained unvarying with the Half Girlfriend Box office Collections.

Released Screens to make Half Girlfriend box office collections:

To accomplish the mark of half girlfriend box office collections with the opening day collections of 10.27 and on the second day 10.63 on the first Saturday half girlfriend was released on Friday with 2500 screens across India which is an variation and adaptation of novel Half Girlfreind written by Chetan Bhagat.

First Day Half Girlfriend Box office Collections : 10.27 crores.

Second Day Half Girlfriend Box Office Collections : 10.65.

Total two Days Collections: 20.90 Crores.

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