2018 Race 3 Characters All in Black Dress: Salman Khan, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandaz, Daisy Shah and Sonakshi Sinha


Most awaited movie of the year Salman khan’s next movie race 3 is all set with the beautiful and attractive race 3 characters first look poster releases and waving all around and winning the race before the release and each of every race 3 characters are set to be playing a dreadful and vociferous looks in race 3 movie. Poster of race 3 characters are released and its just fantastic and breathtaking for sure with race 3 characters winning the audience with their looks in race 3 movie with guns and bullets and ready to explode this 15th June Eid releases race 3 movie and Akshay khanna and John Abraham also played a role in race movie initial series of race movie, the interesting part is all the characters are seen in black dress sounds to be a black dress codes with guns in hands each every and the story of land owner who gets disrupt by criminals.

List of Race 3 Characters:

  • Salman Khan as Sikander
  • Bobby Deol as Yash
  • Anil Kapoor
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Jessica
  • Daisy Shah as Sanjana
  • Saqib Saleem
  • Narendra Jha
  • Freddy Daruwala
  • Sylvester Stallone in a cameo appearance
  • Sonakshi Sinha in a cameo appearance for a song

Salman Khan Look in Race 3 Movie:

Salman Khan in race 3 look is breathtaking and will be seen with shades of grey in race 3 with his character as a landlord who gets betrayal and seek in something with criminals as a revenge and salman khan with his slick and serious look wearing goggles and holding a gun downwards with a bag on his shoulder and salman khan in race 3 first look wearing complete black dress looks he is racing for something in race 3 is appealing and exciting. Salman Khan will be seen playing with cars and guns again this time as well in race 3 movie and salman khan picks up his most important action movie of year after and in every movie of salman khan pickups a fight at the end and removes his shirt which stood up always a master piece this time wait and watch for race 3 movie action set pieces gracefully and salman khan in race 3 characters will make and impact with his character with his classic action will be truly great with couple of memorable action scenes with race 3 character of salman is a ch.

Character of Bobby Deol and Look in Race 3

Bobby deol is a new character and important and sagacious character he plays and a most essential character with a spin off story line up of race 3 character he plays in race 3 movie and bobby deol action movies are back with race 3 movie with his marked and strike through performance like seen before in bobby deol character before race 3 character he plays in this race 3 film and instant action movie with a beautul action story with love and revenge included and surrounded with spin off twists and turns with leading ladies and earning money in race 3 movie. Bobby deol character in race 3 movie seems to be a attentive and vigilant character of his career will be turned out to an extremely watchable character of bobby deol in race 3 movie.

Character of Anil Kapoor and Look in Race 3 Movie

The a large amount of role and character played by Anil kapoor character in race series is the best at all parts as a police officer various important police office for a corrupted officer who gives life for his brotherhood and money and his twist of wind like character in race 3 movie will be watchable and attractive. As news came out that character of race 3 anil kapoor he will be seen in Jail and few of the shots of anil kapoor was seen with his white beard is more attractive as ever and anil kapoor is never ever seen in white beard till now and this time with race 3 character anil kapoor adds more curious about his character and his role gets completely reversed in race 3 movie with a strange moodpiece with equal measures in race 3 movie character.

Character of Jacquelien Fernandez in Race 3 Movie

Jacqueline and Pooja hegde in race 3 characters
Jacqueline and Pooja hegde in race 3 characters

In Race 2 jacquelien plays a role of a girl friend of John Abraham and she dies in the part of race 2 movie which is played along side with Saif ali khan and also plays a fake role of Bipasha basu sister and locks him down with his love interest with Saif Ali khan trying to betray Saif ali khan in race 2 but saif kicks off her with his intelligence in race 2 movie.

This time in race 3 movie salman khan she plays a vital role included with lots of twists and turns around will be catching up in this film and spins off with story line and with fondness and affection character of Jacqueline Fernandez with talented and bold acting with action scene holding a gun rounded up with straight firing with her with something special first look of race 3 movie with appealing look and character of Jacqueline in race 3 and will be arguably better and appreciable with her sizzling and stunning dance performance in race 3.

Character of Daisy Shah in Race 3 Movie:

In race 3 character of daisy shah will be interesting and this is the second time daisy shah is playing along side with Salman khan. Previously she was seen sharing her screen space with her debut movie in Jai ho movie and as she is stage behind dancer and more to be expected and ready to explode in Race 3 movie with guns and bullets and she is looking pretty in first look poster of Race 3 movie with her performance.

Saqib Saleem Look in Race 3 Movie:

Saqib Saleem look in race 3 and his character is new in race 3 movie salman khan and saqib saleem will be seen together first time and a good opportunity for saqib saleem for his future projects.

Character of Sonakshi Sinha in Race 3 Movie

In Race 3 movie sonakshi sinha plays a cameo role for a special item song will be stunning and making her sizzling movies the dabang girl will be seen at a crucial part of the movie performing alongside with Salman khan in race 3 movie sonakshi with her beauty will be suggested by a summary of song in race 3 movie will be setting the drift in race 3 movie.

Story of Race 3 with All Characters

With these characters and stars seen together playing each and individual role in striking and smart together and surprising as well as a masterpiece with gorgeous beauty of Jacqueline, Daisy Shah, Sonakshi Sinha and many more collectively in race 3 will be a blockbuster written in bollywood in 2018 with the release of Eid Festive.

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