2nd Song Its Club Hop Sur lag Jata Hai Mera Tumhare Wala Beech Beech Mein Song Jab Harry Met Sejal: SRK and Anushka


2nd Song Its club hop Beech Beech Mein song Jab Harry Met Sejal: SRK and Anushka

Jab Harry met sejal is all set to release on 4th August to hit theaters and most excited movie of the year starring Shah rukh khan and Anushka Sharma which is directed by Imtiaz Ali. After the release of first track “Mein bani teri radha” which is titled as Radha Song with a huge success and receiving a positive and rave response from the audience and now the same thing will happen to the second track which is titled as Beech Beech mein.

Beech Beech Mein song Harry and sejal are all set to rock the night with Beech Beech mein as the song trailer is released expectation of this song are too high with the release of the song teaser and Srk and Anushka are seen in a party and dance to your heart out in Beech beech Meinn song from Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Beech Beech Mein song is a sure refreshing song and it has lot og Goosebumps moments in this song and you can’t wait to hum Beech beech mai after hearing to Jab Harry Met sejal Beech beech mai song. And it’s a sure top chartbuster and srk and anushka with tremendous dance performance with simple moves and srk with dancing in his simple and unique style of his own and anushka Sharma following him in Beech beech mein song.

Shah Rukh and Anushka Sharma in Beech Beech Mein Song Jab Harry Met Sejal :

Beech Beech mein is a club hop and after grooving to radha song and shouting and screaming on roads mein bani teri radha screaming louder now its time to rock the floor with beech beech mein, Shah rukh khan and Anushka Sharma are looking deadly in Jab Harry met sejal Beech Beech mein song teaser.

Second Song of Jab Harry met sejal Beech beech mein is just like you don’t have anything to dislike and its srk vibes and anushka vibes all over beech beech mai . Beech Beech Mein song has catchy lyrics and refreshing lyrics “Sur lagjata hai mera tumharee wale beech beech mai”.

The vibes of beech beech mein are excited and they are tremendous with Shah rukh khan and Anushka Sharma grooving and making moves and shah rukh khan dancing in his own style which makes audience go crazy for his steps as it’s a pub hop.

Music of Beech Beech mein teaser is so addictive and audience are too excited to listen the song Beech beech meinn as Srk is seen as his old days like partying song like Kal ho na ho it’s the time to disco song and this is also a party song its very excited for the audience to catch him again in party mood and this time with anushka Sharma.

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Music for beech beech mein is so addictive and its composed by pritam tremendously and the lyrics and dance steps of Shah rukh khan and Anushka Sharma which are catchy and easy to make steps will make you do Harry and Sejal dance steps for sure.

Jab Harry met sejal is all set to release on 4 th of August in search of sejal ring and everyone is excited to know where did sejal lost her ring and why and where did she find her ring again.

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