3 Raabta Dialogue Promo: Sushant Singh, Kriti Sanon


3 Raabta Dialogue Promo’s of Raabta: Sushant Singh, Kriti Sanon:

3 Raabta dialogue promo released and Makers of Raabta Just giving surprises and they are making audience to get more excited as the release date of Raabta movie is nearby which is releasing on June 9th 2017 and Deepika padukone in Raabta title song there are more surpises for Raabta movie lovers and yes Kriti Sanon and Sushant took to twitter and released a video which say there is a surprise coming for raabta lovers and they bet to audience go hum “Na Na Na ” and just like saira saying Na na na to sushant sing Rajput and says stay tuned for the cracking surprises.

Raabta Dialogue promo: Apart from the cracking surprise which makers and kriti sanon and Sushant bets audience will hum Na na na in Saira style there are 3 dialogue promo released recently whichare extraordinary and dialogues and masti was too good. Both the actors did very well in Raabta movie dialogue promo whether it may mai cheez badi hu mast mast or it may be Aache ghar ka shareef launda hu.

Here is the tweet for the Na na na Humm surprise

Raabta Dialogue Promo 1: Aache Ghar ka Shareef Launda, Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh

It’s a Dialogue promo and both the Actors bahut shareef hai actors kriti sanon and Sushant starts talks saying mai ache ghar ka bahut bahut bahut Shareef launda hu lekin tumhe dekh ke dirty wale khayal ate hai …then kriti sanon picks up the shareef thing and says the same and at the end she says ek sec mai pata chal gaya kitne ache ghar ka kitna shareef ladka hai tu which is very funny in act dialogues by both the actors and the conversation seems to be some what interesting when making the sharef ladka to realize how much shareef he is this Raabta Dialogue promo of Aache ghar ka shareef launda seems to be catchy and interesting whih brings more expectation for this movie.

Raabta Dialogue Promo 2 : Main Cheez Badi hu Mast Mast

Raabta Dialogue promo 2 audience are eagerly waiting for the release for the second dialogue promo and here it is. Second Dialogue promo starts with the funny conversation on bed and kritis sanon saying I came near by you too fast and she says I am different from you and she also says I haven’t done this before you know and sushant says “I know baby main cheez badi hu mast mast” in his own style and makes saira (Kriti sanon) and watchers go laugh by his act in second Raabta dialogue promo. Seems like all good dialogues went to Sushant or sushant making his dialogues mast mast in his own style he is making all dialogues good when he says. Second Dialogue promo is too good like the first dialogue promo.

Raabta Dialogue Promo 3: Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput

The Third Raabta Dialogue Promo Which includes a third person apart from kriti sanon and sushant singh and this time they are having a dinner and he ask’s the other person in a funny way asking him a very funny way to drop her at her place as she doesn’t have money with her which is actually sushant teasing that guy. The three raabta dialogue promo are super and exciting and very funny with love inside their dialogues and dedication for the act they are playing in Raabta.

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Raabta Movie Release Date:

After watching the 3 Raabta Dialogue promos every one will be eagerly waiting for the movie and the releases date of Raabta movie date is June 9th.

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