Anushka Sharma New Look and Different Avatar and looks in her Movies


Anushka Sharma New Look and Different Avatar and looks in her Movies:

Anushka Sharma always received lot of appreciation for her new looks in her movies and whether it may be pari movie with eye piercing looks or it may be in sui-dhaaga movie which is her next flick comes up with multiple looks in sui dhaaga film and this time anushka Sharma seen playing a role of a village girl and as w ell as a women wearing salmar kameez with a pair of spectacles appearing as a old lady and ansuhka Sharma new look seems to be unbelievable and un-recognizable look of anushka Sharma.

Anushka Sharma Look in Sui Dhaaga Movie:

Anushka Sharma look in sui dhaaga movie is breathtaking and unbelievable and unrecognized make up work has been done for anushka Sharma look in sui dhaaga film as she also plays a role of a young women in sui dhaaga movie in which she appears to be a slim and young girl wearing sari looks stunning and very gorgeous in that look where as in same movie anushka also play a role of a senior women for which her new look was kept on her to look old and covering up her chins with makeup which looks more chubby with beautify makeup wearing spectacles and salwar kameez and anushka Sharma hair is greyed in another look of ansuhka Sharma from sui dhaaga movie.

Anushka Sharma new look avatar portraying a character of an elderly lady with chubby cheeks and put on weight for this look and ear rings its not confirmed this look is seen on the sets of Sui dhaaga but its not yet confirmed by makers of this movie or anushka Sharma that she will be seen in with this elderly look in sui dhaaga or a commercial ad but anushka Sharma new look is astonish and daze she just looks stunning with that look as a elder women.

Anushka Sharma look in Pari Movie:

In Pari movie anushka Sharma was seen playing a ghost in pari movie with scary makeup with eye pierced eyes freezing cold kind of look which is perfect look of ansushka sharm to scare people while watching pari movie. Whether she plays a role of a young girl while playing a character of romance she looks up to trendzy looks set her on perfectly and carries away that look perfectly on screen and the same with the pari movie she carried away anushka Sharma ghost look in pari movie and received lot of positive response for her looks and remained overwhelming with her look.

Anushka Sharma Look in Jab Harry Met Sejal:

Anushka Sharma played opposite to Shah rukh khan in jab Harry met Sejal in which anushka portrays the character of a gujurati girl and anushka Sharma look as gujarati girl was very trendy and in this movie anushka Sharma name sejal and she carried the trend of sejal in jab harry met sejal look positively and received lot of appreciations and stood as iconic name of jab harry met sejal movie.

Anushka Sharma Look in Ae dil hai mushkil:

Anushka Sharma look in Ae dil hai mushkil was very trendy and very straight forward look of present generation with her lifestyle she plays a role in ae dil hai mushkil with ranbir kapoor and in ae dil hai mushkil anushka was seen in a bald head also as she has cancer in this movie so her head has to go bald and at the end of the movie she will be seen bald head and she made that look good on her with her look and carried very well in ae dil hai mushkil movie.

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