Band or Freedom in Prison Escape Movie Farhan Akhtar Lucknow Central Movie & Escapes Jail: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast


Band or Freedom in Prison Escape Movie Farhan Akhtar Lucknow Central Movie & Escapes Jail: Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast:

Farhan Akhtar’s Upcoming movie is all set to release on September 15 and its titled as Lucknow central and the story is a backdrop of jail and prision escape movie. Farhan Akhtar playing a role of Kishen in who belongs to Uttar Pradesh one fine day he will be put in bars as he gets accused for murder in jail for a murder and drops in Lucknow central jail where he will be awaiting for his high court pursue for a death penalty. Gayatri Kashyap is obligated to form a band of prisoners for the band competition which is to be held in the dreaded jail of “Lucknow Central” and how he forms the band and how he escapes from the jail or chooses his band or freedom as farhan akhtar playing a role of kishen who’s only dream is to become a famous singer what happens next at lucknow central wait and watch till September 15 and plots a great plan in lucknow central.

Punjabi Singer and actor Gippy Grewal is also playing a crucial role in Lucknow central movie the other 4 in mates of farhan akhtar in lucknow central is very excited to see as he says band or freedom which one to choose and farhan chooses band in from those two.

With the big star casts like farhan akthar, Rajesh Sharma, Ronit Roy, Daina Penty half of your work is done to impress the audience and the trailer is just awesome with tremendous performances of these actors mainly farhan akhtar yet again amaze and astonish with his new role playing as a prisoner with simplicity having a desire of singing and escaping from jail with overwhelming performance and background music just at the right way gives you Goosebumps with the perfection of time in lucknow central trailer and having a thrilling feel in trailer will make you more excied to watch the trailer again and again from the makers of D-Day and Airlift

Lucknow Central movie plot and story also involves with true proceedings which talks about the village guy kishen from who belongs to UP and the makers of this movie have a different set of promotion skills again and this time for lucknow central movie they came up releasing the official trailer with the hash tag #KishanNirdoshhai which mean kishen is innocent.

Farhan Akhtar Lucknow Central Movie:

Farhan akhtar lucknow trailer is out and grabbing all attention with appreciating and positive response for the trailer as the trailer is look intense, courageous and intriguing which is portraying the kishen’s life played by farhan akhtar life progressed in jail and how music becomes an obscure fraction of not only his journey but also the rest of the bands as well.

Gippy grewal and farhan akhtar in lucknow central movie
Gippy grewal and farhan akhtar in lucknow central movie

As kishan walks out form the jail corridor and he plan is for the escape but his dream is to form a band to hear the roaring of crowd, the audience clapping, chanting one name kishan kishan Kishan…and gippy grewal asks him to choose the band or freedom farhan chooses band and have something to say with his jail mate band in signing.

Farhan Akhtor with his tremendous acting skills being a director, producer and singing apart from this he have a different choice of choosing a film and he comes up every time with a new and unique story. Previously farhan akhtar was seen in the sequal of his famous hit movie rock on and now this time with lucknow trailer as this movies also has a backdrop of music at the core will surely ready and excited to impress his fans and this time he creates his band in jail is very excited to watch in lucknow central movie

Lucknow central movie with a backdrop of prison escape and also music at its core, walls might muffle them but cages only reverberate them louder he got something to say and he and he says it singing in his own way with his inmates.

Farhan akhtar this time plays a role of prisoner in lucknow central movie who wants to become a singer and farhan akhtar is seen with simpleton while still in prison not with scars and serious look in his face. Farhan akhtar lands up in a jail all of sudden.

Lucknow Central Movie Star cast:

Lucknow central movie has a huge star cast as farhan akhtra playing a role of Kishan Mohan Girhotra and Diana Penty, Gippy Grewal, Deepak Dobriyal, Ronit Roy, Rajesh Sharma, Inaamulhaq, uday Tiekakar, and Ravi Kissen in main leads in lucknow central movie.

Lucknow Central Movie Release Date:

Makers of this movie released official trailer on July 28 and release date have be confirmed and will be released on `September 15th 2017 which is distributed under Viacom 18 motion pictures with the production company of Emmay Entertainment. Lucknow central is directed by Ranjit Tiwari and produced by Nikhil Advani and written by Ranjit Tiwari and Aseem Arora making everyone more excited for the movie to release as #Kishannirdoshhai.

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