Begum Jaan Movie Review : Vidya balan’s Power Packed Performace


Begum Jaan Movie Review : Vidya balan’s Power Packed Performace

Its All About Begum Jaan’s Palace:

The story is all about Begum Jaan and her palace(Kota) , this is not only the place of her kota but she also have good memories with in the palace where she laughs, play , sadness and all her memories are with in that palace(Kota) where her children grows up all.

At the time of partition the line between India and Pakistan where a line goes away straight between the palace and government passes an order to leave her house and the one month time grace period was given to Begum jaan. In this one month time she protects her house or not how many difficulties she has to cross through while saving the palace?. How many life will be lost in making the palace empty this is all the story about which will be figured out after watching the movie Begum Jaan.

As seen in trailor Begum jaan which is played by Vidya Balan was seen taking hookah and her look was so terrifying and her eye brows line in begum jaan gives her a new look which is easily and well adapted and well set look for Vidya Balan in this movie Begum Jaan. In trailer it was seen like it’s a power pack performance of Vidya Balan will be likely stare at to see in movie Begum Jaan and her new look is very well much appreciated by the stars and audience liked her most in this look.

This movie is a remake of a Bengali film which is made by the same director who made Bengali movie where director was a national award winning director which audience go crazy to watch Vidya balan in a new look in and as Begum Jaan.

Why to Watch Begum Jaan:

1- As a no gibberish brothel (owner) landlord vidya will be performing the winning, charming, and engaging performance from the anger and antagonism to the hiddenly motherly caring personality nature of vidya Balan being the head of the family is a one powerful performer with new looks in a different character with eye brows line touching will be enough to make this movie watch for the fans of Vidya Balan. Begum jaan to whatsoever it is she will not surrender her house whatever it is.

Vidya balan and her tremendous influential powerful packed dialogues are the jaan of the movie Begum jaan.

2- Each and every actor in the movie from the palace are with no make up throught the movie as the director wants to make it a real feel good brothel look and he was very successful in making them all look good in without make up. All the actors who are casted in this movie are very powerful in act and they played a very good role in the movie are treasured to this movie. Gauhar Khan as Rubina is very good quality performance in Begum Jaan.
3- Rajat and Ashish vidyarthi played a fine performance as the childhood friends which are separated through the partion they lost their friendship at the partion.

The last 20 mins of the movie the final battle of the film and it is extremely powerful, Begum jaan and her all girls were battling for their palace with no quits till the end and vidya will be trained all her girls with guns and rifles to protect the palace.

4- Everything will be loud in this movie, background music, dialogues, everything in this movie is loud which makes lot of noises to make it a good realistic picture.
5- Nasiruddin Shah as always plays a impressive acting and character as Rajaji and vidya has a hand of Rajaji in this movie supporting whats good to do at the moment.
At an overall it’s a good movie to watch as vidya balan power packed performance in a new look.

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