Bigg Boss 14: Why arshi khan choose vikas as captain?


In bigg boss 14 season arshi khan choose captain over Rahul Vaidya in final round of captaincy task in bigg boss 14 even though she gave a mouth word and trust to Rahul Vaidya to become captain reason was she said was vikas gupta has more capability as bigg boss captain over Rahul Vaidya and she broke trust and mouth word which was given to Rahul Vaidya and Aly goni in bigg boss 14.

why arshi khan choose vikas as captain?

The reason Arshi khan choose vikas gupta over Rahul Vaidya breaking the trust of Aly goni and Rahul Vaidya is a strong personal reason and incident which happened last couple of weeks ago as she taunted and tortured or hurted vikas gupta and she got a chance to prove her self to project good and look good in front of audience and arshi khan got a change to prove herself good and keeping in mind the bigg boss 14 game she twisted the game by choosing vikas gupta as captain.

Reason why arshi khan choose over vikas gupta?

The reason which was given by arshi khan was the capability of captain as vikas gupta has already become captain in bigg boss previous seasons and arshi thinks that vikas gupta does better captaincy than Rahul Vaidya and arshi khan choose captain as vikas gupta at the final round of captaincy task in which only Rahul Vaidya and vikas gupta are left over to become one of the member as captain.

Arshi khan was kept in a difficult situation, at one end vikas gupta and at the other end Rahul Vaidya to whome she gave her word and said earlier to help Rahul Vaidya to become captain and arshi gave word but at the end she twisted game and choose vikas gupta as captain which was shocking to Rahul Vaidya and even vikas gupta as well.

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