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Characters of Golmaal Again Movie Cast and Crew and Golmaal Series & Release Date


Characters of Golmaal Again Movie cast and Crew and Golmaal Series and Release Date

Golmaal movie which initially released the first series of Golmaal movie in 2006 and now its 2017 its been 10 years rohit shetty and the characters of Golmaal Again movie actors and star cast and who is behind all the fun family unlimited entertainment. Rohit shetty the director of Golmaal series with his brilliance in direction stood by the golmaal series to be golmaal now with seventh highest grossing film series in bollywood.

Golmaal story reveals around the story and live around and story with gigantic comedy all over every scene from golmaal will make you smile and laugh louder. Each and every character in Golmaal series is set as differently and beautifully with each and every character having a different set of comedy performance to attract audience with full of powerful comedy dialogues will make every one laugh whether it may be Lucky who is stammer or whether it may be Angry of Gopal or brilliance in twisting words by Arshad warsi and many more.

Characters of Golmaal Again Movie and Cast:

Golmaal movies name itself says about the characters of Golmaal movie and how its titled which makes every one interesting and excited to see what’s the fun part corner in next scene.

Golmaal title is set as follow:

Go – Gopal which is played by Ajay Devgn.

L – Lucky Which is played by Tushaar Kapoor

Ma – Madhav which is played by Madhav.

L – Laxman which is played by Sharman Joshi in the first golmaal series but in second series played by Shreyas Talpade with a different of character from the original role played by Sharman Joshi.

That’s How Golmaal Movie is titled giving the importance of the Characters in a title of the movie and when these 4 people together in golmaal again movie on big screens that’s the laughing riot and unlimited fun happening in golmaal series and its going to happen again this diwali with the fourth series of release which is titled as Golmaal again.

Ajay Devgn as Gopla in Golmaal Again Movie Series:

Ajay Devgn in golmaal again movie
Ajay Devgn in golmaal again movie

Ajay devgn playing a role of Gopal who is elder from all and a person with anger which is never controlled once he gets angry and he has a habbit of breaking fingers if any one points finger towards him.

Arshwad Warsi Madhav in Golmaal Again Movie Series:

Arshad warsi as Madhav in Golmaal series in previous golmaal series arshad warsi played elder brother for mithun da family and in golmaal again movie is expected to play the same role together happy family with Ajay devgn as the elder brother of family

Tushaar Kapoor in Golmaal Again Movie series:

Tushar kapoor plays a role of Lucky who cant speak he shouts and tells everything by making gestures with full of fun when lucky making gestures and tries to explain what he says is a big entertainment part in Golmaal Again movie.

Kunaal Kehmu in Golmaal Again Movie:

Kunal in golmaal again movie
Kunal in golmaal again movie

Kunal Kehmu in Golmaal again movie carries away the same role played by him in previous role of Golmaal series as Laxman who says quotes with different situation which doesn’t matches the present situation will remain playing the fun part in Golmaal Again Movie again and shower with fun and entertainment with ghost in golmaal movie.

Shreyas Talpade in Golmaal Again Movie:

shreyas as laxman in golmaal movie
shreyas as laxman in golmaal movie

Shreyas Talpade plays a role of Laxman he is stammer same carries away the similar role from previous movie lots of laugh with his stammer in golmaal again movie.

Tabu in Golmaal Again Movie:

Tabu in golmaal movie
Tabu in golmaal movie

Tabu making an entry with Golmaal Again movie in Golmaal series tabu as Rukmini in Golmaal Again movie who clarifies that there is a ghost in the house plays a key role in Golmaal Again movie.

Parineeti Chopra in Golmaal Again Movie:

Pari in golmaal movie
Pari in golmaal movie

Parineeti Chopra is also making an entry and plays a role of Priyanka into the Golmaal series and parineeti chopra with her stunning beauty already stole the hearts of Golmaal fans and yet again with her beauty and her performance in Golmaal Again movie is yet to be know clearly a little from trailer of Golmaal again a love like with Ajay Devgn.

Johny Lever in Golmaal Again Movie:

Johnny lever in golmaal again movie
Johnny lever in golmaal again movie

Johny lever with his brilliant performance in previous series of Golmaal as Pappu Bhai is very outstanding and tremendous performance and pappu bhai played by Johny lever was the key role which story of Golmaal previous part with full of laughter when Pappu Bhai comes. As Pappu Bhai is a Don in Golmaal previous series and he has a disease of Amnesia who forgets himself what he is and gets into the surrounding character fast and forgets he is a don in Golmaal movie is carrying away with the same set of character in Golmaal Again movie.

Mukesh Tiwari Vasooli Bhai in Golmaal Again Movie:

Vasooli bhai in golmaal again movie
Vasooli bhai in golmaal again movie

Vasooli bhai played by Mukesh tiwari in GOlmaal series from the previous 2 parts is liked by everyone who tends to be a look a like bhai and always finds himself in trouble in Golmaal series and ajay devgn always traps him to take credit to do business and he is famously known as Vasooli bhai as he collects recovery money given by him for credits.

Inspecter Dande in Golmaal Series:

Inspector Dande character a sincere police officer who tries to catch a thief in previous part a fun part included when vasooli bhai screws him away on a phone call not knowing he is speaking to Inspector dande a fun trap set by Kareena and Shreyas in golmaal previous part is likely to see in Golmaal Again Series again.

Nana Patekar in Golmaal Again Movie:

Nana Patekar entry to Golmaal series and Nana Patekar the voice of lucky .. voice of ghost in Golmaal Again Movie.

Neil Nitin Mukesh as Pappu in Golmaal Again Movie:

Neil Nitin Mukesh is playing a role of Pappu in Golmaal again series and he is making an entry to Golmaal series his character is yet to be known.

Prakash Raj in Golmaal Again Movie Series:

Prakash Raj makes an entry as a sheru bhai a fun character will be likely to see in Golmaal Again Movie.

Golmaal Again Movie Release Date:

Golmaal again movie after the intial set of production shooting started commencing in 2016 its all scheduled to release on Diwali 2017 world wide with lot of fun crackers loaded.

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