Deepika Padukone Just Kills With Black in Raabta Title Song: Sushanth , Kriti Sanon


Deepika Padukone Just Kills With Black in Raabta Title Song: Sushanth , Kriti Sanon

Raabta is an upcoming movie in bollywood starring Sushanth Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles, these two couples pair is much appreciated in Raabta movie trailer and chemistry between these two is looking so cute on Screen and it’s a young cute love story with ages love story which is related to the past in Raabta Movie. It was already known that deepika padukone will be making her moves for Raabta title song and now its here.

If you are fan of Deepika Padukone or not you will be praising her with dance and you cant stop watching deepika padukone dance steps in Raabta title song.

Deepika Padukon in Raabta Title Song:

Deepika padukone is playing an item number in this movie and the interesting part is Deepika is moving her feet moves dance for the Raabta title song track. Earlier few days ago makers released the Raabta title song track featuring deepika padukone making an item number.

Deepika padukone was seen in a whole black dress in Raabta title track and the dress designer of her dress was so addictive to eyes as Deepika wears it. Deepika killing in black dress look so good on her and her dance was not so high with lot of movies like other item numbers like” love mere hit hit “ or dum maro dum songs and now its Raabta title song track.

The choreography was too good with simple moves not making song go with nasty steps in Raabta title song track. The title track Raabta is a slow song with no heavy music in it only the lyrics of raabta title song are too high and the music of this song also kept very slow with no noisy beats in it and which makes good to hear song.

Deepika padukone Dancing with four Guys on Stage in Raabta Title Song:

Deepika padukone who is making bollywood and Hollywood go crazy not leaving any one behind to take audience attentions. Previously she was seen in Fast and furious Actor Vin Diesel gaining lot of attention and appreciation in her movie. Deepika padukone is seen dancing to 4 people on stage in between them in Raabta title track with easy crispy look simple dance or she made that dance steps to look simple.

Watch Raabta trailer here:

Deepika padukon is seen in Black Dress in Raabta title track

Deepika Padukone with her killing looks in Raabta title track song which will be a party song look where kriti sanaon and sushanth was seen in song a bit here there in party where Deepika will be performing the dance on stage and steals everybody heart straight away with her black and black looks totally black and made every one go blank with her steps. Deepika padukone Makes go every one Raabta style.

Lyrics of Raabta title Song:

The lyrics of Raabta title song track song are the same as the old one “Kuch to hai tujse raabta”. The beats in the song makes every one listen to Raabta again and again , and deepika padukone dance moves makes every one to watch the song again and again.

Release Date of Raabta:

Raabta movie is all set to release in the Month of june.

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