Dobaara See Your Evil Huma Qureshi and Saqib On Kapil Sharma Show


Dobaara See Your Evil Huma Qureshi and Saqib On Kapil Sharma Show

Dobbara see your evil Starring huma Qureshi and Saqib saleem just released the trailer last week and now Huma Qureshi and saqib are promoting the movie on kapil Sharma show. Huma Qureshi was last seen on kapil Sharma show with Akshay kumar for promoting Johnny LLb where he was quite disturbed and quite nervous having talks with Qureshi in a funny way to make audience laugh in Kapil Sharma in his own way of flirting.

Huma Qureshi comes with his Brother On Kapil Sharma Show:

Promoting a Horror movie on kapil Sharma show and made everone on sets to make DobaaraFace. As the part of promotion Huma Qureshi takes his brother to kapil Sharma show and will kapil Sharma flirt with Huma Qureshi or not.

Well jokes apart, the shooting for this latest episode has just been completed and it will be aired on sony television next week. Recently on twitter Huma Qureshi shared few photographs in which every one including Sidhu making faces of DobaaraFace. Huma tweeted it was fun yest on kapil Sharma show and sharing few photographs.

The trailer of Dobbara see your evil was just scary and you can spot where you got scared a lot many times. When its promotion, what jokes did Bumper, lacha yada, sarla crack this time when Dobbara See your evil team on Kapil Sharma show and how did kapil managed to scare the Dobaara see your evil team.

Well its more fun to watch horror movie team on kapil Sharma show, when horror meets comedy the best show of Kapil Sharma show. Lets see who plays devil roles in upcoming kapil Sharma show when dobaara see your evil team is on sets of Kapil Sharma show.

Telecasting Date of Dobbara see your evil team on kapil Sharma show is next week.

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