Double Fun and Double Romance in Judwaa 2 Varun Dhawan In Duo Role & Tapsee pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez


Double Fun and Double Romance in Judwaa 2 Varun Dhawan in duo role and Tapsee pannu and Jacqueline Fernandaz

Judwaa 2 recently released the first look of Judwaa 2 movie and received a lot f response and appreciation as Varun Dhawan playing the duo role for the first time and this time making a remake movie of already topped movie with salman khan starrer is very pretty much challenging to him and he does in with ease in Judwaa 2 and he over convinced and proved himself with his acting skills yet again with uplifting performance by Varun Dhawan and Tapsee panuu and Jacqueline as the main female leads which is all set to release this dussehra on September 29 th 2017 and david dhawan being the director of Judwaa of Salman khan and Judwaa 2 of varun dhawan expectation are too high and making curious with fun unlimited as David Dhawan is king of comedy in bollywood movies. Judwaa 2 being a full length comedy film and varun dhawan playing the lead role with twins in judwaa 2 with raj and prem in Judwaa 2.

Judwa 2 is a perfect entertainment movie with lot of punch dialogues with lot of action scenes with comedy touch and chemistry between Jacqueline and Tapsee pannu is likely watchable.

Varun dhwana tapsee and jackie
Varun dhwana tapsee and jackie

Varun Dhawan in Judwaa 2 with marvelous Acting performance:

Varun Dhawan performance in Judwaa 2 traielr is Marvelous and convinces everyone with his peak level action scenes and comedy scenes by his tremendous action skills and makes every one to say wow for sure. Judwaa 2 has a lot of ghoosebumps moments in judwaa 2 trailer as the fun will be a flow in judwaa 2 as each and every scene from judwaa 2 is expected to be more fun and each and every role played by the actors and every role in judwaa 2 has a separate set of identity in this judwaa 2 movie.

Judwaa 2 will remind you of Salman khan movie Judwaa as it has 2 identical song and remaked and advanced version of songs like Unchi hai buiding song and Tan tana tan tan tan taara which lives in every fan of Salman khan and Judwaa movie fan will give you more excited for this movie for curiously awating as this trailer has a magic moments and fun moments expected and it was done beautifully by Varun Dhawan as the main lead and Tapsee pannu and Jacqueline fernandaz.

Varun Dhawan has a weird and intresting habbit in Judwaa 2 movie beating the persons Butt part if the person is bending in front of him who ever it may be he losts his control and beats the butt part of the person whether it is female or male he beats up if he sees some one butt in front of him bending. And at last after tapsee pannu and Jacqueline fernandaz getting confuse in choose their boyfirend they use these trick to find out whether its prem or Raja in judwaa 2 movie and prem having this intresting habbit and prem never disappoints in beating the person butt if its bend in front of him.

varun dhawan judwaa 2 with his weird habbit
varun dhawan judwaa 2 with his weird habbit

One as the soft innocent character and one role of Varun dhawan sachhi tapori and a mass character who is ready to take arm to arm combat with any one and strong with his fist and the other with his mind and an innocent who is a musician and a rock star to give a performance in India and there he meets with the situations and with his love of his life and with his twin brother and take revenge at last and happy reunion of lost twin brother with love full filled and happy moments all around.

Varun Dhwaan in judwaa says ise kehte hai judwaa 2
Varun Dhwaan in judwaa says ise kehte hai judwaa 2

Jacqueline and Tapsee Pannu in Varun Dhawan Judwaa 2:

Main Leads of the movie Judwaa 2 Jacqueline and Tapsee Pannu. Tapsee pannu will be paired with varun Dhawan innocent character Raja who is a geek and music star who comes to india for a rock star stage performance and meets Tapsee Pannu and Tapsee pannu having interest in Music finally at last falls in love with Raja. Jacqueline in Judwaa 2 will be paired with the fun loving, daring dashing character of Varun Dhawan in Judwaa 2 movie anf the chemistry between Prem and Jacqueine wll be out busting in Judwaa 2 movie as Jacqueline character in Judwaa 2 exactly matches the character of Prem in judwaa 2 movie.

David Dhawan has yet again done magic again and he never disappoints any one he has yet once again proved he is the king of comedy with Varun dhawan as Judwaa 2 and varun dhawan performance will make you say this dusshera double fun and double dhamaka for sure.

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