Impressive WareWolf Bhedia Movie of Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon Star Cast


Most awaited movie of Varun dhawan since the last release of Jug Jug Jeeyo or with his bollywood most anticipated movie from govinda remake movie coolie no. 1 does not seems to that much appreciated by audience in past 2 years and yet again comes with the super and existing storyline with Bhedia Movie starting varun dhawan and Kriti Sanon Pairing this time again and sharing screen together after dilwale yet again with Bhedia Movie which is directed by Amit Kaushik and produced by Dhinesh Vijan.

Varun Dhawan look in bhedia

Bhedia Movie is receiving insane love and support for both actors Varun Dhawan and kriti Sanaon. This time varun dhawan comes with a new horror comedy sci fi movie Bhedia (wolf) in which Varun Dhwan Turns to Wolf at night and the story line seems to be very interesting and gripping and compelling which makes everyone interesting to watch varun dhawan as Bhedia (wolf) in this movie.


Varun Dhawan in Stree 2 with Bhediya Character

Bhedia Movie Seems to be connected somewhere with Stree 2 movie by Raj Kumar Rao and Shradda Kapoor playing lead role in stree 2 movie and varun dhawan will be making his appearance in Stree 2 movie with this character which is directed by Amar Kaushik  and Shraddha Kapoor will also be making her screen presence in a special song in Bhedia movie.

Varun Dhawan in Bhedia Movie

Storyline seems to be very impressive and strong as this Bhedia movie varun dhawan character will make his presence in Stree 2 movie and these 2 movies are connected somewhere by Amar Kaushik in Stree 2

Varun Dhawan Plays a Role of Bhaskar (Bhaski) Chopra and Varun Dahwan is shining through his performance with Bhedia (wolf) character and he look breathtaking and he will be bitten by werewolf and he will be turning to WareWolf at moon nights and eats flesh etc and the picturization and story line has bight the storyline as a comedy horror and doesn’t scare much as well at times it does in the movie as it goes on into deeper in Bhedia movie.¬†

Kriti Sanon in Bhedia Movie

Kriti Sanon plays the role of Dr. Anika Kothari who helps varun dhwan in bhedia movie and treats him with minor injuries and finally finds out the truth of varan dhawan transforming to werewolf and find the treatment and cure and the reason behind why bhediya bites varun dhawan. 

Bhedia Movie Star Cast

Varun DhawanBhaskar “Bhaski” Chopra
Kriti SanonDr. Anika Kothari
Deepak Dobriyal
Abhishek Banerjee
Shraddhaa kapoorSpecial Song Performance

Varun Dhawan Bhedia Movie Release Date

Bhedia is all set to hit big screen on November 25th 2022

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