Jawaan Movie SRK Character Names Vikram Rathod and Azad


SRK Jawaan movie released on 7th of September world wide destroying all box office record which is directed by Atlee gripping storyline and impressive direction and srk is playing dual role in this movie as a father and a son and srk as father with a mass character as Captain vikram Rathod is very impressive and you can’t take eyes of him when vikram Rathod appears in Jawan Movie. 

Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram Rathod – Jawan

Shah rukh khan playing character of Jawan – captain of indian army who is a special op officer for Agni goes to rescue indian army jawan who were captured by terrorist and due to defect guns shah rukh still manages to rescue indian jawans in his mission.

Srk then asks for enquiry regarding defect guns supplied by Kaali (Vijay Setupati) Gun dealer (4th largest gun dealer) in Jawan movie and then things goes side wise and enmity between vijay Sethupathi and srk (vikram Rathod) stats and Kaali kills srk and fires 5 bullets and throws him from helicopter and then srk vikram Rathod will be rescued and he forgets past with this incident.

Shah Rukh Khan Vikram Rathod Dialogue

Srk Vikram Rathod dialogue Bete ko haath lagane se pehle Baap se baat kar was very massy and dialogue delivery was super and srk vikram rathod was just stole the show and took it to next level vikram rathod appearance in jawan movie.

Srk Vikram Rathod forgets his past and gets back his memory at the end of the movie and at the time he gets his memory back the swag of srk vikram Rathod can’t let you takes out of him when he appears on screen and dialogue of srk as vikram Rathod.

Srk as Azad – Jailer 

Azad character of SRK in Jawan movie is a Son character of Vikram Rathod and deepika Padukone and Azad was born in Female Jail and he was then adapted by kaveri amma in jawan movie and then he comes as a jailer to the same jail where he was born and he then comes to know with what society has damaged to the people and why people who comes to prison are innocent but society is forced them to do things.

SRK as Azad Jailer then decides to give justice to all people in the world with the help of few prisoners who come to his prison as with his team and want to rectify wrongs in society and what the government is not doing for a long time he wants to do it for better people in the world.

Shah rukh khan Father and Son Duo in Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram Rathod and Shah rukh khan as Azad is very monstrous to see both of them performing action sequences in jawan movie especially when srk vikram Rathod character entry was monstrous and lionhearted is worth watching..

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