Jolly llb 2 review: Akshay Kumar , Huma Qureshi


Jolly llb 2 review: Akshay Kumar , Huma Qureshi

It is once again proved that Khiladion ka Khiladi Akshay Kumar fits in all the character what ever he plays and his acting in this movie was seen in this movie was much appreciated and set his role as a lawyer in the movie very well.

Jolly always wanted to have a chamber in the court room and he does something in the movie for which he and his family gets ashamed for his innocent mistake and then he wants to correct everything for himself and prove what he is as Jolly in the movie.

Jolly is stealing all the hearts and every where there are talks of Jolly LLB 2.

Jolly LLB 2 just hit the theatres this Friday starring Akshay kumar and Huma Qureshi which is directed by Sharadh Gosh and this film is a sequel of 2013 released movie Jolly LLB starring Arshad warsi playing as Jolly and there is nothing to do with the story of Jolly LLb which is earlier released.

The story is different and the actors and actress and the star cast of the movie but just name has been taken from the previous movie apart from that nothing is same.

In this movie Jolly LLB 2 Kanpur’s Jagdishwar Mishra Urf Jolly (Akshay kumar) he wants to own his own chamber in the court and he practices his law in the Lucknow high court. His father is a stenographer for the top lawyers in a court for years .

Everyone thinks that he is unsuccessful lawyer and he just wants to show that he is respectable lawyer and he is successful lawyer and he wants to have his own chamber in the court and he takes few steps to do so and by which he and his family had to go ashamed situation and then Jolly takes a promise that he will correct his what he have done for which he and his family gets ashamed and also he says he will proves himself as he is a respectable lawyer and then a case comes to the court and the part of this case is enjoyable in Cinemas only.

As of the Previous Jolly LLB this movie has a role of playing a court room drama and it has things like system of court and the justice which is obvious to see in court rooms.

Jolly LLB 2 Askaha kumar playing a role of Jolly and his wife character was played by Huma Qureshi as in role as Pushpa. Senior lawyer role is played by Anu kappor and the Judge role by Saurab Shukla and there are several other characters which will be seen in this movie as the story goes on.

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