Kaari Kaari Song from Dobaara See Your Evil Song: Soulfull Emotional, Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem


Kaari Kaari Song from Dobaara see your evil song: Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem

Dobaara see your evil is an upcoming bollywood horror movie earlier trailer was released by the makers and now have released the first song from the movie which is titled as Kaari Kaari song featuring Huma Qureshi and saqib saleem.

The story is about a haunted mirror which is a antique mirror and they believed and alleged to be mirror killed her parents and the views of bother and sister conflicting views about mirror killing their parents. As seen in the trailer of the movie the haunted mirror only makes you see what it wants you to see, haunted mirror plays tricks and making brother and sister to be in a confusing and spell state where they will be unable to judge whats real and whats not, this brings a lot of excitement to the viewers and audience to drag them to theatres and it is a remake of a Hollywood movie which doesn’t make any effect in bollywood and managed to gain the audience support and positive response from the audience.

Huma Qureshi Doobara recaping her memories in coffee shop
Huma Qureshi Doobara recaping her memories in coffee shop

Kaari Kaari song From Dobaara Movie:

Well coming to the part of kaari kaari the first song of dobaara movie which is a touching and emotional and soulful song which straight away starts with the main plot of the movie which is the haunted mirror killing her parents “Us din bhool gaye us raat kya hua tha ” and a bullet song and then then kaari kaari song starts with the female version with a beautiful voice dragging your attention kaari kaari. Huma Qureshi is seen in graveyard standing in front of her parents which takes to you in depth of the story and sweet memories with her parents in her (Huma Qureshi) playing with her parents. Huma Qureshi is seen recapping the memories with her parents on streets and everywhere she is just recapping the memories in this kaari kaari song.

Lisa Ray in Kaari kaari Song Dobaara see your evil

Fans of Lisa ray will be more excited as they see lisa ray in dobaara see your evil movie. Lis ray is seen after after a very long time and her screen presence again makes you feel good in this emotional and soul full kaari kaari song. Lisa Ray will be playing a crucial role in dobaara see your evil movie a role of mother (Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem). Lisa ray mother role is very important as the story is all about a haunted mirror killing her parents, Where Saqib Saleem playing a role of Huma Qureshi’s brother always seen in both the trailer and in kaari kaari song saying it’s a fault of his father claiming his father had an affair.

Lyrics of Kaari Kaari song Dobaara see your evil:

Lyrics of the beautiful and soulful kaari kaari song are beautifully written and make you listen to the lyrics more and more and voice which is given by Arko & Asees Kaur which gives you a very soft voice.

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