Le Jaye tujhe Kaha Hawayein Song Jab Harry Met Sejal Magical and Breezy Love Song


Le Jaye tujhe Kaha Hawayein Song Jab Harry Met Sejal Magical and Breezy Love Song

Jab Harry Met Sejal after releasing the butterfly song and recently released the official trailer after a long time after the release of 5 Mini trailers release received a huge response from fans and audience every one loved Jab Harry Met Sejal trailer and now makers of this movie released Hawayein song which is a magical love song with breezy in a part of their journey in search of the ring and you cant stop Humming after listening to Hawayein song

Hawayein song sung by Arjit Singh beautifully with his soulful voice yet again and makes you addicted and leaves you no choice to love this song and Shah Rukh khan the king khan of bollywood and a romantic hero of bollywood and Anushka Sharma in hawayein song with their tremendous performance is very touchy to see and will make everyone experience love like never before with beautiful lyrics of Hawayein song. Lyrics of Hawayein song was written by Irshad Kamli with catchy lyrics to humm where ever you want.

Hawayein song Jab Harry met sejal movie
Hawayein song Jab Harry met sejal movie

Hawayein song Jab Harry Met Sejal:

Hawayeing song will be showcasing with the sizzling chemistry between Shah Rukh khan and Anushka Sharma in a situation where Harry mets sejal in journey and helps anushka to find her engagement ring as the movie story mainly deals with the search of Anushka Sharmas engagement ring in a tour to Europe and SRK being a guide helps anushka to find her engagement ring and the journey in search of Anushka Sharma’s lost engagement ring and SRK learns about the importance of relationships in his journey and he finds his love in his journey.

Shah Rukh khan looks amazing in Hawayein song and srk syncing his lips for Arijith singh voice and shah rukh khan expressions in Hawayein song is amazing to watch in Hawayein song and this song will be sure a top chart-buster from Jab harry met sejal movie.

Srk and Anushka sharma in Hawayein song
Srk and Anushka sharma in Hawayein song

Hawayein song being the situational song which comes in the journey of train saying lejayeing tujhe kaha hawayeing and it’s a soft song with no hard beats with soft and soulful voice of Arijith singh with srk expressions and his presence of acting in hawayein song will make you addicted for sure and you can find romance of srk in air.

Shah Rukh khan is just amazing with his expressions in hawayein song and leaving anushka Sharma in surprise in this song as there is a part of liking each other starts from this Hawayein song and almost expressing his love in this song and Srk romances Anushka Sharma in his own style and the chemistry between anushka and srk is flowing in air in Hawayin song.

Hawayein Song creates records as most streamed song in 24hrs

After the release of Hawayeing song from Jab harry met sejal as expected receiving overwheling response from fans and all audiences from overseas and india as most streamed song in 24 hrs and the records are still counting for hawayeing song

Jab Harry Met Sejal Hawayein Song Lyrics

Lyrics of Hawayein song are too addictive and cant wait to hummm this romantical and magical love song Hawayein here are the catchy lyrics of Hawayein song.

Tujko main rakh lu wahan..Jahan pe kahi hai mera peer..Main joh tera na huva..Kisi ka nahi kisi ka nahi

Le jaye jaane kahan..Hawaye hawayein..Le jaye tuje kahan..Hawayein hawayein

Beghani hai ye daali…Hawayein hawayein..Le jayein tujhe kahan

Hawaye hawaye

Le jayein jaane kahan..Na mujko kabar na tujko patha..Banaathi hai jo tu..Wo yaaden jaaney sang mere

Kab tak chalein..Inhi mein to meri..Subah bhi dalein shamein dalein..Mousam dhalein

Khayalon ka shaher..Tu jaaney tere hone se hi abaad hai…

Hawayein huk mein..Wohi hain aate jaathe..jo tera naam lein..Dethi hain jo sadayein

Hawayein hawayein

Na jaaney kya batayein..Hawayein hawaye

Le jaye tuje kaha…Hawayein hawayein…

Le jayein mujhe kahan..Hawayein hawayein..Le jayein janey kahan

Hawayein hawaye

Leh jayein tujhe kahan…Hawayein hawaye

Le jayein jaane kahan..Hawayein hawayein..

Leh jayein tujhe kahan..Hawayein hawaye(Twice)

Le jaye jaane kahan..Na mujko kabar..Na tujko patha

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