Mental Hai Kya: Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao Next Movie are ready to Go Mental


Mental Hai Kya movie bollywood upcoming movie starring immensely talented actors Kanagana Ranaut and Rajkumaar Rao is all ready to gear up with the first look and are ready to go mental. Mental Hai Kya movie kanagana ranaut and raajkummar rao are playing alongside together for the second time collaborating together and bring magic again like the queen movie for ekta kapoor production house with a different story line with a debut director with a quirky comedy and these two actors are very well know for their tremendous acting performance in their previous movies earlier individually.

This time with mental hai kya movie with epic madness and the creepiest poster has come after a long time and this time they are bringing up the crazy and madnesss with this movie together because sanity is overrated and comes the first look of Mental hai kya and these two actors kanagana ranaut and Rajkummar rao didn’t disappoint with their first look and obviously they will make you go with the looks in their upcoming movie mental hai kya.

Mental Hai Kya Movie First Look:

  • Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut is seen making a weird face in the first look of Mental hai kyar movie by making her eye balls go down together with both the cheeks inside and kanagana is seen in a uniform and with a different hairstyle and she is just looking funny and crazy with madness overloaded in this movie and with the look of kangana in mental hai kya is receiving positive response all over and appreciation for the looks and weird face she made in this film bringing mental hai kya movie more excited.

  • Raajkummar Rao: Rajkummar rao with his look stole graabed lot of attention. Rajkummar is well know for his fabulous acting by taking up different and unique stories he takes up with challenge and proves them right he lives in the character what ever role he plays in his movies and this time with mental hai kya movie rajkummar rao is seen closing his eyes with the mid finger of each eye and at the nail he marked up with black color so that he can give a look of his closed eyes open with eyebrows upwords as if he is starring at you with his looks.

Mentak Hai Kya Movie Directed by a tollywood filmmaker Prakash Kovelamudi and written by Kanika Dhilion.

Mental Hai Kya Movie Kangana Ranaut Role:

Kanagan Ranaut plays a role of mentally ill person who could be murdered for and this story deals with mental health related.

Mental Hai Kya Star Cast:

Star cast as of now Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar rao as the main lead.

Mental Hai Kya Release Date:

Release date is not officially released but expected to release in 2018.

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