Mistaken Identity of Sidharth Malhotra With Jacqueline Fernandez in A Gentleman Movie Action Sequence


Mistaken Identity of Sidharth Malhotra with Jacqueline Fernandez in A Gentleman Movie Action Sequence:

Bollywood Upcoming movie A Gentleman movie starring Sidharth and Jacqueline as lead roles, recently makers have released the theatrical trailer of A Gentleman movie and it’s a complete action comedy movie, with love hate and revenge included with extraordinary power packed actions scenes in A Gentleman movie teaser.

Sidharth Malhotra perfectly sets for a gentleman role which he is playing and look of sidharth malhotra is receiving lot of appreciation in bollywood and from all audiences. Sidharth malhotra in first look also received lot of positive response from his fans and everyone cheered the first look as his look is too gentleman look on one hand holding a Gun and on the other hand holding a pressure cooker pan on his other hand in A gentleman first look made expectation of this movie go elevated and Gorgeous and beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez holding gun and doing action for the first time in her movies with sizzling and hot look.

As expected Sidharth Malhotra in A gentleman movie trailer just surprised everyone by his new look if it’s be with his dual role or in a confusion state and a miss understanding which happens in this movie and story goes on from the part of confusion happens more interesting in A Gentleman Movie and will remind you few scenes and action of Keanu Reaves movies and look.

Sidharth malhotra sid in A Gentleman movie
Sidharth malhotra sid in A Gentleman movie

Sidharth Malhotra in A Gentleman Movie Trailer: Jacqueline Fernandez:

Sidharth Malhotra is just killing with his look in action scenes and while holding a gun in his hand with his different and complete unique style. A gentleman movie is all about the flawed identity of Sidharth malhotra in this movie with sid character names Gaurav and Rishi flowed in movie with the names as sundar and susheel and Risky Rishi with lot of action scenes with arm to arm combat with few gun fires and explosives and also cars going in air at last in a gentleman movie will be seen in A gentleman movie.

A gentleman movie trailer will never get u bore seeing trailer again and again and will make you watch again and again to see what the confusion and sid is having it’s a complete different story. A gentleman movie background music is too good sets the complete feel of action comedy and bandook meri in background song is too good suits perfectly for A gentleman movie

Sidharth Malhotra is seen at the start of the trailer with tattoo on his body showing and his physic and arm muscles will absolutely give you Goosebumps and he is also seen doing action scenes jumping from a tall building for a mission assigned is it ittefaq or its what the fuck said in background voice of Sidharth in A Gentleman Trailer. Sid uses lingo BC in a gentleman movie as the role he is playing demands a lingo of such kind of languages which is acceptable for his role in a gentleman and story demands.

Gaurav works hard, lives a routine life, buyes a new house new car and he works sitting on a computer daily for hours and in kitchen but not a girl in his life and Jacqueline comes.

Jacqueline fernadez in A Gentleman trailer
Jacqueline fernadez in A Gentleman trailer

Jacqueline Fernandez in A Gentleman Movie is too gorgeous and she is seen doing a pole dance in radio pub in a gentleman trailer and she is killing with her looks and beauty in A gentleman movie.

A Gentleman movie is all about a person’s aim to settle down and marry and in process of getting married to Jacqueline playing a role of Kavya steps in and meets Sidharth who is more sundar and susheel cooking in a kitchen too innocent and nice hearted guy and Jacqueline expects and wants him to some odd in him to be Riskier and adventures and at the same time some mistaken identity strikes the life of Gaurav and he lose everything what he worked so far too hard and what happens next is a roller coaster with unpredictable and with hilarious thrills in the ride of A gentleman movie.

Jacqueline fernandez in A Gentleman doing pole dance in pub
Jacqueline fernandez in A Gentleman doing pole dance in pub

After watching A Gentleman movie trailer everyone will be excited to know what is the confusion and whats the mistaken identity in this movie which ruins gaurav life should wait for a gentleman movie to hit theaters soon and excitement is more for this movie as sid playing a different role and Jacqueline Fernandez sizzling with her dance moves and with her tremendous action scenes included for the first time everyone is more excited for this movie to release.

Sunil shetty in A Gentleman Movie
Sunil shetty in A Gentleman Movie

Sunil Shetty in A Gentleman Movie:

Sunil Shetty is also playing a lead role and he will be in a hunt for sidharth malhotra to catch him alive and kill him. Anna Sunil Shetty is seen in movies after a long break and fans of sunil shetty will be delighted to see him again on big screens with no disappointments in A gentleman movie. Sunil shetty is seen very serious role in a gentleman movie.

A Gentleman Movie Release Date:

A power packed action movie with a mistaken identity is all set to release on August 25 th 2017.

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