Newton Movie Enters Oscars Rajkummar Rao Inda’s Official Newton Entry to Oscars


Newton Movie Enters Oscars Rajkummar Rao Inda’s Official Newton Entry to Oscars:

Newton movie makes way to Oscars and Newton movie yeah Newton movie enters Oscars and its an India’s official entry to Oscars and it deserves with the tremendous and overwhelming performance by Rajkummar rao in Newton movie and the story of Newton movie which tells about the story of a government clerk who runs a free and fair election in a conflict area in central India and which released this week is receiving lot of response with the story and a brilliance and screaming performance by Rajkummar Rao in Newton movie and everyone showering their love and emotions for Newton movie and sharing their experience and congratulations all around in twitter by the celebrities and all over by overwhelmed audience and fans.

Newton movie which is directed by Amit Masurkar and produced by Drishyam films which is a freeloader comedy and Newton movie world premiered in the forum section of the 67th Berlin international film festival and its set to have a north American premier at the Tribeca film festival and it screens in International Narrative Competition section and Newton movie was selected as the Indian entry for the best foreign language film at the 90 th Academy Awards.

Inda’s Official Newton Entry to Oscars
Inda’s Official Newton Entry to Oscars

Rajkummar Rao Newton Movie Enters Oscars

It has been over Newton movie is India official Oscar entry this year and everyone is loving this and if you haven’t watched this movie just go and watch Newton movie as it’s the best and makes you emotional and sure everyone get inspired by the story and the star casting is superb and it’s a content driven film and it will make lot of impact on audience and they loved this Newton movie and Newton movie to compete with Angelina Jolie first they killed my father for best foreign film Oscar and it’s exciting to hear this.

This weekend with the double celebration for Newton movie as it hits the box-office and the news as it makes India’s official entry to Oscars and Newton enters oscars and its witness generous growth in the evening and night growth. Everyone who read the reviews of Newton movie at the best the actors gave in this movie and a terrific performance it’s a true it’s a terrific film and as its important to watch good films but it’s also important to make good films and Rajkummar rao starring Newton movie it’s a good film.

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