Poorna : Official Trailer | Rahul bose, Aditi Inamdar


Poorna: Official Trailer: Rahul bose, Aditi Inamdar

Poorna is a Bio-pic of Malavath Poorna. Poorna is an upcoming movie which is directed by Rahul Bose. Rahul Bose stars himself with Aditi Inamudar in the movie playing a role in and as role as Poorna and she is the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest making all the records.

Poorna Movie Star Cast:

Aidit Inamudar is playing a role of Malavath Poorna as Poorna , Rahul bose as DR.R.s Praveen Kumar, Heeba Shah as Meena Gupta. Harsha Vardhan as CM of Andhra Pradesh, Manoj Kumar as Anand.

Watch the official Trailer of Poorna:

Story of Poorna:

Poorna is a young girl who loves to climb and she belongs to a tribal and for education she joins a Academy and there her talent gets noted and she was asked to join with lot of appreciation and she never disappoints and she makes on her achievements, she gets trained with lot of support to achieve the title of “Youngest Girl to climb Mount Everest”.

The story is all about the journey of poorna a tribal girl which makes the record of climbing Mount Everest without fear and she is very courageous and leaves motivation to the other females that girls can do anything girls are no where behind in doing all things. The journey how she gets trained in Ladakh and Darjeeling and how she achieved the title and appreciations and motivations which makes her own the title first youngest female to climb Mount everest.

This movie was shoot for 11 days in pakala village where real life poorna malavath was grew up. From the group of 109 members Aditi Inamdar was selected for the role of Poorna

Poorna Movie Release Date:

Poorna Movie is scheduled to release on 31st March.

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