Raees Review : Shah Rukh Khan , Nawazuddin, Mahira


Raees Review

Today is no eid no festival but still it,s a raees day ..all fans exicited for the movie and it proved to be a festivalas raees day arrives ..people going crazy by srk entry all hands up and clapping no one is on their seats people going crazy by his looks ..nawaz is good too …mahira looking cute.

People Go Crazy for Laila Mail Laila:

Fans Reaction in cinema Halls

Well coming to the part of the Raees his work started by the dailoge Ammi Jaan Kehti Thi Koi Bhi Dhanda Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhande se Bada Koi Dharm Nahi Hota. Raees bhai ka time shuru, well this a must watch movie… You love to see again again and Again… Shah rukh khan efforts and his hard will bring light to ur life i must say u celebrate diwali and eid at one time by watching raees …..plz go and watch again and again ..its a family worth watching movie …pura paisa wasool ….laila song is awsume its brings craziness in u ur feet keep moving asi witness no one is on their feet on laila song.

At last but not least plz do watch raees not bcz of me not bcz of srk do watch if u want complete entertainment and daring ..thanks

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