Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 3D Features Making and Akshay Kumar as a Villain


Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 3D Features Making and Akshay Kumar as a Villain:

Sequel of Rajinikanth super hit movie Robo released in 2010 directed by Shankar with lead roles Rajinikanth and Aishwarya rai as the main leads with Robo character chitti played by Rajinikanth and this time chitti in robo 2.0 is ready with robot for rocking all over the world with visual and story plot with terrific robotic effect will reach over more than expectation and Rajnikanth Robo 2.0 3D Features is just amazing making video will create more curiosity and expectations towards Robo 2.0.

Makers of this movie Robo 2.0 released the making video of Ranjinkath robo 2.0 with the 3D features this time raising all the expectations and curiosity is taking sky-scraping as the first looks of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar took everyone in surprise now comes with the making video which is making lot of buzz in social media with Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 movie.

Akshay kumar in robo 2.o
Akshay kumar in robo 2.o

Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 3D Features Making video:

After the release of Rajnikanth Robo 2.0 3D Features making video every one expectation are high and as this is a science fiction movie which will lead to the box office collections expectation to break all the records this is the only movie which can go closer or even break the records which hare set previously as the making and taking of Shankar is expected to do this magic with Rajinikanth 2.0 this time as of Shankar and Rajinikanth combination movies have done pretty good at box office collections with huge fan following and Shankar with his direction always holds a record of breaking records with his unique concepts of movie stories.

In Rajinikanth Robo 2.0 with the duo of Rajinikanth and Akshay kumar is expected to do magic this time as these both actors with their tremendous dedication towards their acting and with the level of Rajinikanth 2.0 with robo character chitti with akshay kumar playing the villain will lead to audience level expectations reach over gently with the looks.

The Action sequence which have be shot whether it may be Arm to arm combat with Rajnikanth Robo 2.0 will make every one over joy with the visual 3d effects with the tremendous action scenes with direction of Shankar is soon going to hit cinemas.

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