Salman Khan Bharat Movie Star Cast & First Look


Salman khan upcoming movie which is titled as Bharat is scheduled to release on EID 2019 on the occasion of August 15 th 2018 the makers of this movie have released most awaited teaser and received lot of positive response winning hearts. Katrina kaif will be playing the lead role and as Bharat’s life lin in this movie and The film Bharat will be directed by Ali Abbaz Zafar and everyone is super excited for this film.

This is the third collaboration between Salman khan, Katrina kaif and Ali Abbaz Zafar and this time coming again with a huge story with these collaboration buddies. It was said that priynaka chopra will also be playing a role in this movie bharat.

Salman khan in Bharat Movie:

Salman Khan in Bharat movie will be playing a role of a bharat and having massive dramatic action scenes in this film with Desi rocks and Rolla. Salman khan is seen in a different diet and maintains his physic perfectly fit for this movie Bharat.

Jackie Shroff in Salman Khan Bharat Movie:

Jackie Shroff in Bharat movie is in performance with Salman khan bharat movie as Jackie shroff plays a role of Salman khan in this film after playing role of father in dhoom 3 for Aamir khan now comes back with Salman khan father in Bharat movie.

Sunil Grover in Bharat Movie:

Sunil grover will be seen in playing a role in Bharat movie and will be playing an important role in this film with his sincere and warmest acting will be seen playing alongside with Salman khan and sharing his screen space in Bharat movie.

Salman Khan Bharat Movie photos
Salman Khan Bharat Movie photos

Tabu Playing a Role in Salman Khan Bharat Movie:

Ali Abbaz collaborating with Tabu for the first time. Ali Abbaz is so much very excited to work with tabu in Bharat movie as she will be playing a vital role in this movie and expectations are too high on this movie as Tabu will be charming with her performances for sure.

And also Ace comedian Aasif Sheik a popular tv serial bhabaji ghar par hai to work with salman khan in bharat movie.

Salman Khan Bharat Movie Songs:

Salman Khan Movie bharat first song with lovely Disha patani is representing in Bharat movie steps in with the shoes with salman khan doing some action with Salman Khan.

Salman Khan Bharat Movie Star Cast:

Star cast includes Salman khan as the main lead and rest are as follows.

1. Salman khan

2. Katrina Kaif

3. Tabu

4. Priyanka Chopra

5. Disha Patani

6. Sunil Grover

7. Nora Fatehi

8. Jackie Shroff

9. Aashif Sheik

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